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A user and administrator cheatsheet for PmWiki websites

Organi­zation: Pages and Groups

Each page belongs to a group i.e. if you are viewing http:/­/yo­urs­­m/M­ain­/Ho­mePage then Main is the group name and HomePage is the name of the page.
Each page belongs to a group i.e. if you are viewing http:/­/yo­urs­­m/M­ain­/Ho­mePage then Main is the group name and HomePage is the name of the page. This can be written as Main/H­ome­Page.
Adding new pages to the website can be done by making a link to a page that doesn’t exist, then clicking on it -- or by changing the browser to point to a group &/or page that does not exist. http:/­/yo­urs­­m/M­ain­/Ne­wPage The browser will ask if you wish to create a new page.
Delete a page: remove all text, type “delete”, and save/p­ublish.


!Page Title
Top-level heading (H1) see note.
!!1st Heading
In-page main heading (H2)
!!!2nd Heading
In-page sub-he­ading (H3)
!!!!3rd Heading
In-page sub-su­b-h­eading (H4)
Creates Term->­def­inition list.
Indented SubTer­m->­def­inition list.
There should only be 1 top-level header per webpage. Your top-level header (H1) should be hard-coded into your wiki template with the page title. You would change it using the (:title Your Title Here:) markup. See SEO.

There are up to 6 levels of heading as a rule (h6).

Basic Formatting

''2 apostr­ophes''
emphasis or italics
'''3 apostr­oph­es'''
strong or bold
'''''5 apostr­oph­es'''''
bold italic
subscr­ipted text
underlined text
big and bigger text
small and smaller text
Use %wikis­tyles% for colors and %% to turn a wikistyle off. %red% or %green% or %blue% or %color­=#F­FCC99%

Rules, Numbering & Bullets

*Top Level
Bullet list item
**2nd level
Bullet list sub-item
#Top Level
Numbered list item
##2nd level
Numbered list sub-item
4 hyphens for a horizontal rule
List levels can be nested i.e. mixed-­and­-ma­tched between bullet and numbered.

Text Flow

Join with next line (use at end of line)
Line break (at end of line)
Adds 2 line breaks
Forced break (clears floats)

Will preserve all linebreaks on the page (poetry, etc.)
Center the current paragraph.
Right-­align the current paragraph.
Indents the whole paragraph
Add hyphens to indent more.
All basic paragraph entry can be cut & paste or typed paragraphs separated by a double space.

Image/­Upload Tutorial (How do I…)

display an image from another site?
Paste in the link:
upload an image to my site?
will give you an upload link for the image. Save the page, click the link, open the file browser, select image, click upload.
create a thumbnail that opens into a larger image?
[[Atta­ch:­lar­ge.jpg | Attach­:sm­all.jpg]]
gives 2 attachment links for a small jpg that will open as a large jpg.

Table/­Chart Directives (How do I…)

start a table?
(:table <op­tio­ns>:)
start the first cell in the first column of each "new row"?
(:cellnr <op­tio­ns>:)
start the next cell in the row?
(:cell <op­tio­ns>:)
end the table?

Visual Table Tutorial (How can I…)

A more visual type of cell structure. This can be nested inside of directive tables.
create 2 centered cell headings?
||! head 1 ||! head 2 ||
create 2 centered cells?
|| cell 1 || cell 2 ||
make cell 1 left-a­ligned, cell 2 right-­ali­gned?
||cell 1 || cell 2||
add a centered caption and border to my table?
|| border=1

||! caption !||

||cell 1 || cell 2||
For more about visual (Type 1) tables see: http:/­/ww­w.p­mwi­ki.o­rg­/wi­ki/­PmW­iki­/Tables

Code Control Tutorial (How do I…)

create fixed-­width text blocks?
 Lines that begin with a space  are formatted exactly as typed  in a '''fix­ed-­wid­th''' font.
create monospaced unproc­essed code snippets?
[@code here@]
create monospaced code blocks?
code here
create unproc­essed but formatted text?
create an HTML comment?
(:comment Will show in HTML.:)

Links Tutorial (How do I…)

get "text says" to point to page "­GoT­o" in the same group?
[[text says->­GoTo]]
do that in another way?
[[GoTo | text says]]
display "here now" (lower­case, with the space) as link to wiki page HereNow in group Go?
[[Go/here now]]
link to Google website?
set an in-page anchor to
link the words "­click here" to the in-page anchor
on page HereNow in group Go?
[[Go/H­ere­Now­#th­ere­|click here]]
create an email link without showing
create a phone link?
create InterMap links to other sites?
learn more
The link "go to" destin­ation can be a Pagename or Group/­Pag­ename on the same website, an outside website address, a
address, etc.

SEO Tips for PmWiki sites

Set the title for every page.
(:title My Rocking Webpage:)
Set the keywords. Although this might not do anything really.
(:keywords contains, keywords:)
It’s very important that your titles, keywords and descri­ption of the web page contain matching keywords.
(:desc­ription The search­-engine summary of the page.:)
Usually the (:title:) is automa­tically used to update the highest level header
on the page.

Benefits of PmWiki

GPL v 2 Licensed open-s­ource code.
No database. Requires PHP & web server.
Small code footprint (2MB instal­led).
Author­-ce­ntric philos­ophy. Install, set an admin password in the config.php file, and start writing.
Can be installed on a USB stick.
Works as a mature CMS system, page-level permis­sions available, in-page content control available.
Fast for large number of pages.
Searchable content.
Advanced users can customize content with no access to server files.
Responsive template included.
In active develo­pment.
Extensive hooks for custom­ization by admini­strator and plug-in develo­pers.
Small developer base, no code creep.


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