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Intellij macOS keymap Keyboard Shortcuts by

A list of useful keyboard shortcuts for intellij for the macOS keymap

Basic Shortcuts

Open/Use Intellij suggestion
Option + Enter
Search for Everything (Classes, Method, Files)
Double Shift
Search in File
Command + F
Replace in File
Command + R
Go to definition
Command + B
Jump to line
Command + L
Duplicate line
Command + D
Cut line
Command + X
Copy line (Must not be selected)
Command + C
Revert changes
Command + Z
Mark Section
Option + Arrow UP
Go to method­s/v­ari­ables in class
Command + Arrow Up
Fold/U­nfold one block:
Command + .

Editor Window

Switch the focus from a window to the editor
Recent Files
Command + E
Recent Locations
Command + Shift + E
Code before current Location
Option + Command + Left Arrow
Code after current Location
Option + Command + Right Arrow
Switch between recently viewed Tabs/Files
Control + Tab
Move currently selected region
Option + Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Switch to next Window
Option + Tab


Remove unused imports
Control + Option + O
Reformat Code (Class)
Command + Option + L


Jump to Test/ Create Test
Command + Shift + T
Run current selected Test
Control + Shift + R
Rerun Test
Control + R
Run test in debug mode (Must be run previo­usly)
Control + D


Toggle Commit
Command + 0 (null)
Toggle Project Structure
Command + 1
Toggle Run log
Command + 4
Toggle Debug log
Command + 5
Toggle Class structure
Command + 7
Toggle Git graph
Command + 9

Font Size

Smaller font
Shift + Control + ,
Bigger font
Shift + Control + .


Open Intellij Settings
Command + ,

Self Defined (Tabs)

Switch Between Tabs
Control + </ Control + Shift + <
Close Tab
Option + W
Close all Tabs
Option + Q
Close other Tabs
Option + E
Reopen closed Tab
Option + R
Split move right
Control + Option + S

Self Defined (Comment)

Comment line
Option + <

Self Defined (Break­point)

Toggle Breakpoint
Option + D


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