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ngMock - httpBackend Quick Reference Cheat Sheet by

Quick reference to available $httpBackend functions

'when' methods

when(method, url, [data], [headers])
Creates a new backend definition
whenGET(url, [headers])
Create backend definition for GET request
whenHEAD(url, [headers])
Create backend definition for HEAD request
whenDELETE(url, [headers])
Create backend definition for DELETE request
whenPOST(url, [data], [headers])
Create backend definition for POST request
whenPUT(url, [data], [headers])
Create backend definition for PUT request
whenPATCH(url, [data], [headers])
Create backend definition for PATCH request
Create backend definition for JSONP request

Additional methods

Flushes all pending requests using trained responses
Resets all request expect­ations, but preserves all backend defini­tions. (Wipe
, but keep

'expect' methods

expect(method, url, [data], [headers])
Creates a request expect­ation
expectGET(url, [headers])
Create request expect­ation for GET request
expectHEAD(url, [headers])
Create request expect­ation for HEAD request
expect­DELETE(url, [headers])
Create request expect­ation for DELETE request
expectPOST(url, [data], [headers])
Create request expect­ation for POST request
expectPUT(url, [data], [headers])
Create request expect­ation for PUT request
expect­PATCH(url, [data], [headers])
Create request expect­ation for PATCH request
Create request expect­ation for JSONP request

Additional expect­ations

Verifies that all of the requests defined via the
api were made.
Verifies that there are no outsta­nding requests that need to be flushed


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