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17 Low impact but EFFECTIVE ways for weightloss Cheat Sheet by

Weightloss Simplified.

Avoid Empty Calories

There might be a lot of foods that we love to enjoy without any feelings of guilt because we believe they are 'low calories', to lose weight it is very essential to note that such foods labelled as low calories or low fats are merely marketing schemes and does not necess­arily mean regular consum­ption of it will not make us gain weight. Empty calories are foods that are high in sugar.

Avoid bananas

If you are trying to lose weight it is in your best interest to avoid bananas as much as you can, as bananas are foods that are catego­rized as 'Empty Calories', although they are high in potassium, the calories in bananas outweighs it's benefits.

If you have to eat Bananas

There is always an exception to the rule, the whole idea of avoiding bananas is that the high calories in it outweighs the very few benefits you can get from it,as they are packed with sugars, consuming bananas in high amounts can increase your calorie intakes which might jeopardize your weight loss journey, but if at any point you really crave bananas, i will suggest to swap it for desserts, one banana is pretty much enough for desserts.

Complex Carboh­ydrates

Carboh­ydrates are a great source of energy but simple carboh­ydrates like fruit juices can lead to an increase in your calorie intake. Eat complex carboh­ydrates like quionoa, sweet potato­es,­oat­s,brown rice, etc. But always remember moderation is key.

Work out on empty stomach

It is advised for best results to work out on an empty stomach, this enables your body to use fats from your body as energy instead of deriving energy from your foods, it is best to work out without eating or at least three hours after eating.

Avoid fad diets

Fad diets are not only bad for you but can also be counter productive in the long run, the whole essence of fad diets is basically to lose water weight, water weight is not considered as 'real weight­loss' as soon as you go back to eating regularly you are most likely to gain back the lost weight twice.

Sleep,rest and avoid stress

Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night, as most of the progress and changes that your body goes through happens while you are asleep.
Avoid stress as much as you can as stress can cause great harm to your body and jeopardize your weightloss progress.

Avoid Oils but if you have to, use meat oils

Avoiding oils or using it very minimally is a great way to cut down on extra calories, Italians are great all over the world for their cuisines yet the average italian person is of slim or average weight regardless of how much pastas they consum­e,the trick is that italians cook a lot with very minimal oil, and use other cooking methods like grilling to make most dishes. Altern­atively you can use oils from meat, after boiling you can sieve excess oil from the meat and use.

All calories count

To lose weight it is very important to use more calories than what you consume, when you consume calories regardless of it's size ALL CALORIES COUNT, there has to be a way to burn excess calories which eventually leads to an increase in weight by engaging in physical activi­ties, doing this makes your body burn off excess calories from fats in your body which leads to a reduction of weight,

Interm­ittent fasting

Interm­ittent fasting is a great and easy way to lose weight, as your body burns fats by itself during a 'fast period'. You can learn more about interm­ittent fasting on my blog­inn­ybu­ffe­t.w­ord­pre­

Go ham on Green teas

Make drinking green tea a part of your lifestyle, as it has been scient­ifi­cally proven that the contents of green is highly effective in losing weight and burn belly fats.

Go heavy on salads

Salads are highly nutritious and can be highly filling if prepared correctly, this low calorie meal can be prepared in different ways, ingred­ients and methods, if you are not sure of how to make different and healthy salad recipes you can also use apps or join facebook pages that specif­ically makes salads to get more recipes and ingred­ients. Go heavy on salads but go low on salad dressings and creams.

Ditch slim teas

If you have to burn your packs of slim teas i will strongly advise that you do, slim teas are nothing but marketing strate­gies, the most active ingredient in slim teas are 'senna leaves' which is used to treat consti­pation. There has not been any scientific proof that frequent visits to the bathroom can lead to weight loss, but excessive dehydr­ation which can be dangerous to your health.


Exercising for weightloss is not a cliche, but the good thing is that you can burn a lot of calories also by engaging in a low impact exercise as simple as walking.

Cut down on sodiums

Salts and sodiums are not necess­arily bad for you but the problem with excess salt and sodium in the body is that it traps water in your body which can lead to water retention and a spike in your weight.

Water,­water and more water

It is very essential to drink up to a gallon of water daily as water is a natural detox that can flush out built up wastes from your body.


Regular intakes of foods high in fibers are very beneficial for weight loss, as fibers do not only fill you up and leading to satiety, it also helps to flush out choles­terol and harmful substances from your body. Foods high in fibers includes broccoli, avocadoes, brown rice etc.

More inform­ation on my website

Incase you need more inform­ation and great tips on how to lose or maintain weight loss, you can check out my site­inn­ybu­ffe­t.w­ord­pre­


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