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Teaching Outline: Attack on Pearl Harbor Cheat Sheet by

Pearl Harbor is a naval base of the US government that is located near Honolulu, Hawaii. It was vulnerable to one of the biggest attacks by Japanese forces on December 7, 1941. This sheet will be useful for students who wish t learn about the prerequisites that led to the attack, its conditions, and its consequences.

Background and Objectives

The conflict between Japan and United States was driven by the foreign policy hinged on support for China. It can be considered as the entry of US into the World War II that signalized upcoming military actions in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the Japanese forces attacked the U.S. on such territ­ories as the Philip­pines, Guam, and Wake Island and on the British Empire in Malaya, Singapore, and Hong Kong. There were a few waves of attacks, the first one was the primary and the other ones were attacks on carriers, cruisers, battle­ships.

Reaction of Society

The American society was not ready for such a situation, people were shocked and angered by the attack. Roosevelt was the initiator of the war declar­ation. During the attack were killed not only military but peaceful citizens as well.

Approach and Attack

The attack preceded the official declar­­ation of war. Admiral Yamamoto intended to hold negoti­­ations but the war started before this message was delivered to the U.S. Military Forces. At 7.55 AM the dive-b­­ombers covered the Pearl Harbor base and Japan ships launched more than 7000 planes. The duration of the attack was not more than two hours but japan forces damaged 19 U.S. naval vessels and destroyed 88 aircraft, more than 2 000 servicemen and women were killed, and more than 1 000 people were wounde­d.

Pear Harbor Attack



On the second day after this tragedy, the US official declared the war on Japan and it was their official entry into World War II that caused a lot of conseq­uences but was an important step in world history. The Pearl Harbor National Monument is now one of the most visited places by students and educators. Many students visit it to get more knowledge about the history of this tragedy. If you still need more inform­ation about Pearl Harbor Attack, it is highly recomm­ended to view Edubirdie resource where the experts in academic writing can do your assignment provide more details on different historical subjects and assist with the research a lot.


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