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C3²K2+4 Scaling VLANs + EtherChannel Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Configure VTP

VTP Domain [Domai­nname]
Set VTP domain
VTP Mode Server­|Cl­ien­t|T­ran­sparent
Set VTP mode
VTP Password [password]
Set VTP password
Show VTP status
Verify VTP config­ura­tions

Configure Extended VLAN

VTP Mode Transp­arent
Set VTP Mode to Transp­arent
Vlan 2000
Create an extended VLAN

(Troub­les­hoo­ting) Test Layer 3 Connec­tivity

Show run | section interface
Verify VLAN Config­uration

Configure an EtherC­hannel with Cisco PAgP

Channe­l-group 1 mode desirable
Add Port to a channe­l-group (Ether­cha­nnel)
Interface port-c­hannel 1
Configure the logical interface
Switchport mode trunk
Create a static trunk
Show etherc­hannel summary
Verify that EtherC­hannel is working
Show spanni­ng-tree
Show the port channel as one logical link

Configure DTP

Show interfaces trunk
Verify trunking link
switchport mode trunk
Configure a static trunk link

Add VLANs and Assign Ports

Vlan [Number]
Create a Vlan where the VlanID equals the entered number
Name [Name]
Name the created Vlan
Show vlan brief
Displays all Vlans
Switchport mode access
Create a static access link
Swirchport access vlan [number]
Assign the current port to the chosen vlan.
IP Address [IP-Ad­dress] [Subne­tmask]
Assign an IP Address to the SVI of VLAN 99

Configure an 802.3ad LACP EtherC­hannel

channe­l-group [number] mode active
Configure a port channel as LACP

Configure a Redundant EtherC­hannel Link

channe­l-group [number] mode active
Use this config for one Switch
channe­l-group [number] mode passive
nter this config on the other Switch