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ServiceNow PPM - Resource Management Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Properties for Resource Management­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­fau­lt_­sch­edule
The schedule using which the resource hours are calculated­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­ow_­wee­k_m­ont­h_t­oggle
Allows to toggle between week and month*­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­x_d­ur_­res­our­ce_­finder
Max allowed duration for which resource details are shown­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­e_b­udg­et_­ref­ere­nce­_rates
if yes then budget Reference rates are used, else exchange rates are used to calculate resource cost­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­rce­nta­ge_­all­oca­tio­n_n­ormal
Threshold calcul­ation to treat whether the employee not fully utilized­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­rce­nta­ge_­all­oca­tio­n_w­arning
Max allowed alloca­tion, post which report will show oragne indicating limited availa­bility­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­ent.av­era­ge_­dai­ly_fte**
Amount of hours for all resources, set globaly overriden by field on sys_user table or Group table­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­loc­ati­on_­int­erv­al_­minutes
Default duration for calender event for resource­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­rst­_da­y_o­f_week
First day of the week, to ensure correct timecard creation­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­n_s­tat­e_c­han­ges­_async
Allows cancel­lation and Allocation to run in ASYNC­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­ent.ex­clu­de_­eve­nts­_fr­om_­sch­edule
Events to avoid Capacity Calcul­ation ex time_off­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­len­dar­_sh­ow_­sof­t_a­llo­cations
Allows either RM or All to see softbookin in Calender­c.r­eso­urc­e_m­ana­gem­­mbe­r_o­f_r­eco­rds­_to­_fe­tch­_at­_a_time
Amount of records to be pulled into the resource Grid(s­pecific to London Release)
*Appli­cable to Resource Grid, which is London release functi­ona­lity.
*Both FTE Value and the schedule should be in SYNC always.

Key Script Include


Major Tables Involved

Allows to Plan Resource user or group
For the period of resource plan the requested alloca­tions are created based on available FTEs
Records are created for Soft and updated during the Hardbo­oking for each resource for each week in requested period
These records are associated with the Resource Alloca­tion, where a daily Allocation is shown for the RM
The records are created for each user for each day indicating capacity, utiliz­ation and availa­bility
The records are created for each user for each week indicating capacity, utiliz­ation and availa­bility
The records are created for each user for each month indicating capacity, utiliz­ation and availa­bility

Key Roles involved in Resource Management

This treats an end user has Resource Manager who has the ability to accept / reject resource Plans
This role helps the end user to read and update resource plan whenever needed
One of the major roles where the user is treated as Resource for Resource Manage­ment, it also updates the capacity and availa­bility of Users

Process Flow