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Nightlife RP Cheat Sheet by

Chat/ Voice Commands

Out of character chat
Anonymous Tweet
IN character Advert­isement
Push to talk

Player Related Commands

Character Regist­ration
Hands Up
Change View/Angle

Vehicle Controls

Vehicle Trunk Storage
Open Trunk
Open hood
Light Indicators
- and =
Cruise Control
Turn on/off Lights­/Extra
Toggle Vehicle Engine

Work Related Commands

Work Menu
Take out a cam recorder
Take out a mic
Start / End Mission
Numpad +


Get a list of all available emotes - /emotes

Starting Out

The job center is a purple "­i" icon. Providing you with multiple choices to keep you satisfied and busy.

What is there to do?

Where do I begin, there is so much to do! Open your map and look for any activities that look the most appealing to you. My favorite thing to do is drive around finding people and interact. Meeting people and making new friends is an extremely fun way, and will help you have a better time.

What are some essentials I will need?

Food and drinks most import­antly! You need to eat/drink in order to survive! You can see your bar going down on the bars above the map. Once it reaches 0, you will die! Repair kits are also highly recomm­ended, so you don't stay stranded with a broken car. A Flashlight can come in handy too!

I want to drive, what do I need to know?

You should head over to the driving school (White suitcase Icon) and get yourself a license. There will be a multiple choice written test and a physical driving test.

How do I make money?

Through your job mostly, you'll receive a paycheck every 15 minutes, and you will earn more on the side with depending on what you're working with. We have multiple jobs in the job center, but keep in mind we have a lot of custom jobs too. So if it is your dream to be a dancer at Vanilla Unicorn or work at a hotdog stand, we won't stop you! Just ask around using /twt and someone will help you get started. We do have a wide range of illegal activities you can partake in also, if you're the naughty type. Drugs, Money launde­ring, gangs etc.

Useful Terms to know

"­OOC­"- OOC is short for "Out of Charac­ter­". When you're speaking OOC, you're not speaking as your in-game character.
"­Fai­lRP­"- FailRP is a short for Fail Roleplay. This means that you've done something that you wouldn't do in real world.
"­NLR­"- NLR is short for "New Life Rule". This rule states that if your character respawns, you have no recoll­ection of the events leading up to your death.
"Fear RP"- Fear RP is a term that means you fear for your life in RP scenarios.
"Cop Baitin­g"- Cop Baiting is a term that means you're actively seeking police attention. This is considered FailRP and will be punished accord­ingly.

What is AOP?

AOP means "Area of play". When there's not many people on the server, we tend to restrict RP to a certain place, like Los Santos, Blaine County, Sandy Shores, or Paleto Bay. Just to give people a little push and be more intera­ctive with each other.

I can't hear anyone, and they can't hear me, why?

Don't worry. You will just need to fix your voice settings. Press ESC, Go to "­Set­tin­gs" then "­Voice Chat". Make sure your volume and sensit­ivity are on, your voice chat is enabled and you have "Push to talk" fixed. The button you want to use to speak is "­N". Sometimes, you will have to turn off voice chat and re-enable it to get it to work.


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