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KTEA WE Scoring Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


On topic
Makes sense
Correctly uses required word/p­hra­se/idea
Follows all other instru­ctions


Missing the subject or verb
Fused Sentence
Two or more indepe­ndent clauses:
Not separated by approp­riate punctu­ation
Or by a connecting word
Or separated only by a comma
Run-On Sentence
Three or more clauses, joined by conjun­ctions, whose ideas are not closely linked
Incorrect word order
Misplaced parts of the sentence
Sentence starts as statement and ends as a question
Direct question with implied question without quotation marks or other punctu­ation
Extra Word
Sentence could be corrected by removing a word
Omitted Word
Sentence could be corrected by inserting a word
Incorrect part of speech
An adjective is used in place of an adverb
Did not identify the subject when the verb form changed

Word Form Errors

If a word is incorrect in meaning but is the correct part of speech for the way the sentence is struct­ured, score as a Word Form error (not a Structure error).

Word Form Error Examples

Slang and colloquial word usage
Subjec­t-verb disagr­eement
Disagree in number (singular or plural) or person (first, second, third)
Incorrect verb form
Wrong verb tense or wrong form of a verb
Lack of parallel structure
Verb tense changes inappr­opr­iately in a sentence
Incorrect or unclear noun/p­ronoun
Missing Possessive
Incorrect prepos­ition or article
Word meaning
Note: Incorrect part of speech is a Structure error, not a Word Form error
Double negative

Word Form Errors - Not Penalized

A vs. an
Your vs you're
Their, their, they're
It vs it's
That vs. which
score either as correct

Other Mechanical Errors

Lack of capita­liz­ation of first word or proper noun
Words or letters inappr­opr­iately capita­lized
Apostr­ophes in verbs, plural nouns, or possessive pronouns
Missing or added quotation marks, commas, periods, or semicolons