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Golf Awkward Lies Cheat Sheet by

How to play those awkward golf lies - ball above feet, ball below feet, downhill lies, uphill lies

Ball Above Feet

As usual - feet shoulder width apart
Weight on balls of feet
Choke on the club to maintain usual slightly bent over body angle
Aim to the right of target - tendency to hook
Steep hill - open club face
Normal swing rotating around the spinal axis
Make sure the body follows through leading the arms and hands - otherwise you will hook or hit fat behind the ball

DownHill Lie

Feet wider apart than normal to increase stability
Ball in usual position
Shoulders parallel to slope
Aim left of target since the weight will be on the left foot tendency to have body infront of ball at impact leading to a slice
Steep hill - place ball further back
Rotate as normal - due to slope weight will be on left foot
Ball flies lower and hence further because of down slope so add +1 in your club selection i.e. use a 9 instead of 8
If Green is below you then add +2 to your normal club selection

Ball Below Feet

Stand at a lower posture than normal to reach the ball
Weight on balls of feet, Feet spaced wider than normal and bend your legs lower
Maintain the slightly bent forward back posture
Aim Left as slope will send the ball to the right
Steep Hill - close face of club
Rotate around spinal axis
Body follow through leading the arms and hands
Maintain body angle throughout the entire swing

Uphill Lie

Wider stance than normal for better balance
Ball position as normal
Shoulder parallel to slope
Naturally - weight will be on the right foot
Aim to the Right of target - tends to hook
As normal but slope makes it harder to follow through and body tends to remain further behind the ball - tends to hook
Ball flies higher thus shorter so take a -1 club as normal selection i.e. an 8 instead of a 9
If green is above then take -2 of normal club selection

Sand Trap Play

Square club face to the target
Take an open stance
Shift weight to ensure your feet will remain stable underneath you for the entire swing
Take a full swing
Hit the sand behind the ball
Control the flight distance of the ball by how far back you from the ball you strike the sand


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