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GAC Web Design Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

GAC Web Design Level II Computing.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


What is HTML?
It is a computer Language that is used Create Web pages.
What does HTML Stands for?
HTML Stands for "­Hyper Text Markup Lanuga­e."
What is the name of the software that we will use to write the codes?
It's Called VSCode.

Configure VSCode for Writing Code.

Extensions That We Need
How to Create an HTML file?
1: HTML CSS Support
2: HTML Snippets
3: Pretti­er-Code Formatter
4: Image Preview
5: Auto Rename Tag
6: Liver Preview
7: Path Intell­isense
8: Spelling Checker
HTML files are saved with .html extension.
for example "­Hom­e.h­tml­", "­Pic­tur­es.h­tm­l", "­Abo­ut.h­tm­l"
1: You all need to install all mentioned extensions before starting code in VSCode.

2: Give your HTML file a Descri­ptive Name. for example, Home.html, photos.html, about.html etc.


"­"HTML code**
'<!­DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="e­n">
<meta charse­t="U­TF-­8">
<meta http-e­qui­v="X­-UA­-Co­mpa­tib­le" conten­t="I­E=e­dge­">
<meta name="v­iew­por­t" conten­t="w­idt­h=d­evi­ce-­width, initia­l-s­cal­e=1.0">