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BA Tools - 01 Business Strategy & Objectives Cheat Sheet by

A high-level overview of the important techniques to know in business strategy and objectives. Source: Business Analysis Techniques - 99 Essential Tools for Success.

Strategy analysis

Boston box/matrix
Wild cat, Star, Dog, and Cash-cow

Represents low-to­-high market growth and low-to­-high market share areas in four quadrants.

Boston box

Strategy definition

SWOT analysis
Strengths, weakne­sses, opport­uni­ties, threats

Consolidates the results from the external and internal business enviro­nment analysis.

SWOT analysis


Strategy implem­ent­ation

Value streams
Analyzes the value delivered by the organi­zation to its stakeh­olders.
POPIT model
People, organi­zation, processes, inform­ation & technology.

Considers four key areas for a business change.

POPIT model

Perfor­mance measur­ement

Key Perfor­mance Indicators (KPIs)
Defines the specific areas to be monitored to achieve organi­zat­ional success.


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