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Rifts Combat Rules Cheat Sheet by

Combat rules for Rifts by Kevin Sembieda published by Palladium Books.

Strike Rolls

Target Numbers

Melee Combat
5 or higher
Ranged Combat
8 or higher
Called Shot
12 or higher

Situat­ional Bonuses to Strike

1 action to aim
+ 2
Additional Bonuses from gear

Ancient Weapon Bonuses

Weapon Profic­iency
Physical Prowess
Hand to Hand
Class Bonuses

Modern Weapon

Weapon Profic­iency
Class Bonus
Weapon Systems (in vehicle)
Power Armor Combat (if applic­able)

Strike Penalties

Shooting Blind
Shooting Wild
Upto 30% over range
Called Shot Required

Basic Defensive Actions

Auto Parry/­Parry Action

Weapon Profic­iency
Hand to Hand
Physical Prowess
Other Physical Skills
* Parry only possible when practical or specif­ically allowed
* 1/2 damage
* Most characters have auto parry

Dodge Penalties

Ranged Attack > 60ft
Ranged Attack 15ft-60ft
Ranged Attack 4ft-15ft
Ranged Attack < 4ft
-1/50 mph

Dodge Bonuses

Physical Prowess
Hand to Hand
Physical Skills
Class Bonuses
Power Armor Combat Skill
Costs an action

Auto Dodge

Auto Dodge Bonus
Physical Prowess
Does not cost an action

Advanced Defensive Actions

Simult­aneous Attack

No other defensive action
(Original) Attacker
No defense except, may abort attack to auto-d­odge.
Costs an action

Roll with Punch, Fall, or Impact

Bonuses from many skills
* Applicable to explos­ions, large blunt weapons, punches, and similar
* 1/2 damage
* Costs an action and or/moves you out of position

Paired Weapons

Parry & Simult­aneous Attack
Defender defends attacker cannot
Double Attack 1 target
Defender can only parry one
Double Attack 2 targets
Both defenders can parry
Double Parry
Parry two simult­aneous attacks

Shooting Down Missiles

Missile on Missile Fratricide
Equal size volleys Fratricide
Requires an available action


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