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sex: the natura­l/b­iol­ogical differ­ences between males and females, has to do with genitals and hormones. male/f­emale
Transp­hob­ia-­belief that transs­exual genders are less real or legitimate than that of cissexual
gender: the social and cultural ideas attributed to people based on their sex, the social constructs of what it means to be man/woman and what it means to transcend these binary catego­ries, how you’re perceived, mascul­ini­ty/fem
Intersex- indivi­duals born w/ a reprod­uctive or genital anatomy that does not conform to the typical defini­tions of male or female
Inters­ect­ion­ality: is the study of inters­ections between forms or systems of oppres­sion, domination or discri­min­ation
Hetero­nor­mat­ivity- idea that being hetero­sexual is the norm and/or assumed culturally
Oppres­sion- experience of being restrained by a st of instit­ution barriers based on race, class, gender, secual orient­ation or age
Sexual harass­men­t-form of sex discrimin. Where one uses ones authority implicitly or explicitly to coerce another into unwanted sexual relations or to create or allow an intimi­dating hostile or offensive working enviro thru sex conduct
Double bind: situations in which options are reduced to very few and all of them expose one to penalty, censure or depriv­ation.
Quid pro quo- this for that, coercion to give sex in exchange for something else
Politics of location: describes how a person is located in history and in society due to the inters­ections of their race,C G SexO, religion, nation­ality, culture, age, (dis)a­bil­ities
Hostile enviro- conduct of sex nature which unreas­onable interefers w/ work perfor­mance or creates an intimi­dating, hostile or offensive enviro.
Trans men: biolog­ically F, identifies as M Trans women: opposite of trans man
Femini­zation of povert­y-women experience dispor­tio­nately high rates of poverty
Domestic violence: violence and abuse between people who are or were sexually involved with each other
Cisgender- describes a person whos gender identity is in agreement with their sex


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