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Trignometric Ratios and Functions Cheat Sheet by

6 Trigno­metric Functions

Sin £ = o/h
Csc £ = h/o
Tan £ = o/a
Cot £ = a/o
Cos £ = a/h
Sec £ = h/a

General Defini­tions of the 6 Trig Functions

Sin £ = y/r
Csc £ = r/y
Cos £ = x/r
Sec £ = r/x
Tan £ = y/x
Tan £ = x/y

Unit Circle


Degrees to Radians

Degrees to Radians
Degree * [(πrad­ian­s)/180]
Radians to Degrees
Radian* [180/(­πra­dians)]


Initial Side The fixed ray of an angle
Terminal Side The rotated ray of an angle
Standard Position Angle whose vertex is on the origin and initial side lies on the x-axis
Coterminal Two angles that have the same terminal side. Coterminal =
angle +/- [multiple of 360]
Radian The measure of an angle in standard position whose terminal side intercepts an arc of length r
Sector A section of a circle bound by two radii
Central Angle The internal angle of a sector
Reference Angle the angle formed by the terminal side of another angle and the x-axis

Arc Length and Area of a Sector

Arc Length
s = rß
0.5 x r^2 x ß

Sine Functions

Amplitude = |a|
Period = (2π)÷|b|

Graphing Cosine Functions

Amplitude = |a|
Period = (2π)➗|b|

Graphing a Tangent Function

Graphing a Cotangent Function



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