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Overwatch Replay Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

Hotkeys used in Overwatch's replay viewer.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Playback controls

Toggle playback control UI
Scroll wheel up / down
Increase / descrease playback speed
Pause / start playback

Camera controls

W, A, S, D
Move around with the camera (move keys)
Q, E
Move the camera up and down (move keys)
SHIFT + move keys
Move the camera at a faster speed
CTRL + move keys
Move the camera at a slower speed
CTRL + 1 .. 9
Save camera at the current location
1 .. 9
Restore the camera to the set location

Player camera controls

Toggle between 1st person / 3rd person
Left / Right click
Detach camera from player to free view mode
F1 .. F12
Spectate specific player (use observer bar for numbers)

Additional shortcuts to set

These are not set by default, but are important to have for any replay review