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High engagement digital products tricks Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A list of highly effective UX patterns and techniques to boost web and mobile app engagement.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Analytics and monitoring

Define "high perfor­man­ce" cohorts and count users with high retention, high engagement
Identify "AHA moment­s" by finding common behaviours shared by "high perfor­man­ce" cohorts
Measure and minimize TTV (time to value : elapsed time between the first intera­ction and the value being offered)
Create incentives to guide users toward those behaviours with in app tutorial, white papers, gamifi­cation, verbatims

Reward mechanism

Keep a balanced effort­/reward ratio when asking for personnal inform­ations.
Prefer 10 small effort & small reward to 1 big setup (ae.g. allow to skip and come back later)
Create a path of overly simplified action that leads to repetitive reward experience (e.g. one click purchase on Amazon)
Try random reward to one smallest effort intera­ction (e.g. scrolling through Meta feeds)
Fuel the desire of explor­ation : app shows something different to the user each times he connects
Let users know when the service perform a task perceived as "­com­pli­cat­ed" by displaying what happens ("labor effect­")

Desire to complete

Increase chances that user comes back later to complete by displaying incomplete gauges monitoring every key features of the product
Create badges that are achievable yet ambitious on profile
Help users complete high effort tasks by displaying completion progress and final goals when you require them to finish a setup

Social motivators : comparison and belonging

Display ratings help users comfort their own choice and opinions
Use testim­onials or verbatims from expert and leaders help product perception
Show faces whenenever it is relevant to bring emotion, identi­fic­ation and comparison
Offer the opport­unity to publicly highlight users success to create emulation
Use points­/sc­oring and let the user know how he compares to others
Use a dedicated wording and storyt­elling that makes your user part of a tribe
Let the user attach labels to his profile to allow both indivi­dua­liz­ation and group identi­fic­ation

Scarcity and imminence

Consider delivering reward after a small amount of time rather than immedi­ately
Make users come back with countdown timers
Increase value perception by creating "­unique in time" experience (value that may expire or disappear)

Building together, user investment

Make user grow themselves by using the product means it won't be easy to quit
Ask your engaged users to think about the feature they want, so that they are a "part of your journe­y"
Let people person­alize their own config­uration so that they feel "at home".
Do not let users quit (deletion or inacti­vity) before unders­tanding their motiva­tions.
Remind with a clear display of how much the user has invested so far (minutes, value received, money saved, games played...)