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Amethist Keyboard Shortcuts by

Tiling window manager for macOS along the lines of xmonad.

Modifier combin­ations

option + shift
ctrl + option + shift


mod1 + z
Force windows to be reeval­uated
mod2 + z
Relaunch Amethist


mod1 + j
Move focus counter clockwise
mod1 + k
Move focus clockwise
mod1 + p
Move focus to counter clockwise screen
mod1 + n
Move focus to clockwise screen
mod1 + w
Focus screen 1
mod1 + e
Focus screen 2
mod1 + r
Focus screen 3
mod1 + q
Focus screen 4

Move windows

mod2 + h
Move window to clockwise screen
mod2 + l
Move window to counter clockwise screen
mod2 + j
Swap window counter clockwise
mod2 + k
Swap window clockwise
mod1 + enter
Swap window with main window
mod2 + left
Move window to previous space
mod2 + right
Move window to next space
mod2 + 1
Move window to space 1
mod2 + 2
Move window to space 2
mod2 + 3
Move window to space 3
mod2 + 4
Move window to space 4
mod2 + 5
Move window to space 5
mod2 + 6
Move window to space 6
mod2 + 7
Move window to space 7
mod2 + 8
Move window to space 8
mod2 + 9
Move window to space 9
mod2 + w
Move window to screen 1
mod2 + e
Move window to sceen 2
mod2 + r
Move window to screen 3
mod2 + q
Move window to screen 4


mod1 + space
Cycle layout forward
mod2 + space
Cylcle layout backward
mod1 + h
Shrink the main pane
mod1 + l
Expand the main pane
mod1 + ,
Increase main pane count
mod1 + .
Decrease main pane count
mod1 + t
Toggle float for focused window
mod1 + i
Display current layout
mod1 + a
Select tall layout
mod1 + s
Select wide layout
mod1 + d
Select fullscreen layout
mod1 + f
Select column layout


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