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HTML Cheat Sheet by

html cheat sheet by yunshu

basic format

<!doctype html> # for html5
# set chinese <meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>my title</title>

<he­ad>: add config inform­ation of website
- title and icon of web
- style
- SEO related info: keywords, descri­ption of web
- link external css/js files
- info about browser adaption

<bo­dy>: content to show to clients

<fo­rm> Nr.1


<vi­deo> Nr.2



basic tags

view possible attributes of labels
adding a header; one
in one page
for better SEO
adding a paragraph
horizontal rule:
write comments; webstorm shortcuts: ctrl+/
<img src = "path/l­ink­ToImage" alt="altern­ateText" width= height= title=­"­">
adding a image
adding a break line
<a href="" target= title=­"­">text or <im­g> </a>
text or image with outgoing link
<base href="" target= >
set base URL for all relative links and default target for all links in page
fake/p­lac­eholder URL
1. "­#": jump to top 2."j­ava­scr­ipt­:" don't jump at all
<a href="#­N5">­jum­p2N­5</­a>
<h2 id="­N5">­hel­lo<­/h2>
<ul­><l­i>list item</­li>­</u­l>
Unordered list
<ol­><l­i>list item</­li>­</o­l>
ordered list
<dl­><d­t>d­efi­nition title<­/dt­><d­d>d­efi­nition descri­pti­on<­/dd­></­dl>
definition list

basic tag-Notes

<fo­rm> Nr.2

<fo­rm> Nr.3

In the
tags, all tags except button tags can use
attribute to specify the data that needs to be submitted to the server





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