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PANIC Commands

git reset --soft HEAD^
Undo last commit, put changes into staging
git commit --amend -m "New Messag­e"
Change the last commit
git reset --hard HEAD^
Undo last commit and all changes
git reset --hard HEAD^^
Undo last 2 commits and all changes

Deleting and untracking files

Delete from file system and git
git rm FILE.txt
Delete from git ONLY
git rm --cached FILE.txt
After that, you may commit to save the delete change.

Better ways to show git log

Colorizing Log
git config --global color.ui true
One commit per line
git log --pret­ty=­oneline
Output log the way you want
git log --pret­ty=­for­mat­:"%h %ad- [%an] %s"
Show log and modified lines
git log --oneline -p
Show log and insertions and deletes
git log --oneline --stat
Show log with a tree visual repres­ent­ation
git log --oneline --graph
Limit git log until some date
git log --unti­l=1.mi­nut­e.ago
Limit git log since some date
git log --sinc­e=1.da­y.ago
Range git log
git log --sinc­­nth.ago --unti­l=2.we­eks.ago
Range git log with specifc date
git log --sinc­e=2­000­-01-01 --unti­l=2­012­-12-21

Custom git log output

author date
author name
SHA hash
ref names
Ex: git log --pret­ty=­for­mat­:"%h %ad- [%an] %s"

Pushing Faster

First time
git push -u origin master
git push
Git will memorize the location you want to push by first using the command -u

Git Aliases

Git lol (log with some colors and visual tree)
git config --global "log --pret­ty=­oneline --abbr­ev-­commit --graph --deco­rat­e"
Custom git output
git config --global alias.m­ylog "log --pret­ty=­for­mat:'%h [%an] %s' --grap­h"
Git status via git st
git config --global status
Git checkout via git co
git config --global checkout
Git branch via git br
git config --global branch
Git commit via git ci
git config --global commit
Create your own alias using the format:
git config --global alias.youralias "your command, ommiting 'git'


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