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Presenting a product demo Cheat Sheet by

Presenting a Product Demo

Beginning with your product Demo

Greet audience and thank them for joining in
Introduce yourself in a short and precise manner
Appraise your customer (with some studied facts)
Explain the problem statement
Give solution in reference to your product and explain how it will improve the overall business and profit­ability

Showcasing your Product

A quick introd­uction about the process
Explain that this is a scratchpad and their inputs are most welcome
Explain the teams and hierar­chies involved
Priotorize the objects and explain those first, which will add maximum value
Always start explaining the objects from top right
"­Mai­ntain your audience intere­st"
In the end, ask for any questi­ons­/qu­eries
Created By: Vaibhav Sharma

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