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Deciphering Amino Acid Sequence from mRNA Cheat Sheet by

In this lab, we will explore the process of translating an mRNA sequence into its corresponding amino acid sequence. Translation is a fundamental biological process where the information encoded in mRNA is used to build proteins. We will use a genetic code chart (codon table) to decode the mRNA sequence and discover the amino acid sequence it encodes


In this lab, we will delve into the process of deciph­ering amino acid sequences in polype­ptides from a given mRNA nucleotide sequence. The mRNA sequence contains inform­ation that directs the synthesis of proteins, and we will use our unders­tanding of the genetic code to convert this inform­ation into the corres­ponding amino acid sequence.


Comprehend the relati­onship between mRNA and amino acids.
Learn how to utilize a genetic code chart.
Decode a provided mRNA sequence to determine the amino acid sequence in the resulting polype­ptide.


Computer with internet access (for codon table reference)
Amino acid chart (codon table)


Step 1: mRNA Sequence Analysis
Examine the given mRNA sequence:
Step 2: Identi­fying Codons
Divide the mRNA sequence into codons (sets of three nucleo­tides):
Step 3: Utilizing the Codon Table
Refer to the codon table to find the corres­ponding amino acid for each codon.
Step 4: Transl­ating Codons
Translate the codons using the codon table to determine the amino acid sequence:
Step 5: Assembling Amino Acid Sequence
Record the amino acids derived from each codon:
Step 6: Analysis and Conclusion
Analyze the obtained amino acid sequence to gain insights into the potential protein's proper­ties.


Using the mRNA sequence GCUAUG­CCG­AAU­GUA­UUC­GGCCAU, the translated amino acid sequence is Ala-Me­t-P­ro-­Asn­-Va­l-P­he-­Gly­-His.


In this example, we used the provided mRNA sequence to decode the amino acid sequence. The lab procedure provides a structured approach for students to follow, helping them grasp the concept of transl­ating mRNA into a polype­ptide's amino acid sequence.


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