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Behaviors and Strategies Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

These are behaviors and strategies you will use to help reduce M's challenging behaviors and increase his quality of life

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Minimal rate of precursor behaviors
No triggers present
Daily schedu­le/­routine in place

Strategies to Use

Provide enriched enviro­nment
Follow daily schedule routine, antecedent strategies and skill acquiz­ition programs

Triggers (Antec­edents)

Internal Private Events
Activities of daily living (teeth brushing, eating, shower­ing). Includes requests to finish started task or activity
Removal of preferred item item/a­ctivity while M is engaging in persev­ara­tions
Denial of vocal persev­aration responses
Physio­logical and/or psycho­logical processes in M's body that cannot be observed (anxiety, excite­ment, pain etc)
Triggers include attempt to physically prompt M during non-pr­eferred tasks and/or during non-co­mpl­iance with instru­ctions

Strategies to Use

1. Limit access to triggering activity with an advance notice
2. Offer choice of another prefered activi­ty/item and redirect or refer to visual schedule and redirect
3. Follow through on demands (modify response effort)


Vocal Persev­ara­tions
High pitch sound (higher rate)
Severe SIB
Video and book persev­ara­tions
Moderate SIB
Severe Aggression
Mild SIB
Moderate aggression
Gum picking
High pitch sound
Toe flicking
Head flicks
OCD behaviors

Strategies to Use

Antecedent Strategies
Conseq­uence (Response) Strategies
1. Predic­tible visual schedule
1. Functional Commun­ication (prompt and honor approp­riate requests for break, more time etc)
2. Organz­ation of enviro­nment (different locations - defferent activities
2. Behavior Momentum (attention building prompts to engage in high probab­ility motor and verbal responses
3. Planned access to preferred enviro­nment (bed, videos)
3. Redire­ction to another activity
4. Non-co­nti­ngent sensory stimul­ation
In Peak behaviors refer to Protocols

De-esc­alation and Recovery

M ceased exhibiting Peak behaviors, but continues to exhibit Aggitation and Accele­ration behaviors
Has not exhibited behaviors for 5 minutes

Strategies to Use

refer to Aggitation and Accele­ration strategies
Recreate Calm enviro­nment
Provide social praise for calm behaviors
Resume daily activities