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Erythrocytes Cheat Sheet by

Know how Erythrocytes transport throughout our whole body


Erythr­ocytes are originated from liver and spleen in embryonic stage. After birth they go to the liver and replace their nucleus by haemog­lobin.

Transp­ort­ation of oxygen

In Pulmonary capillary, the haemog­lobin of erythr­ocytes reacts with oxygen and produces Oxyhae­mog­lobin
Haemog­lob­in+­Oxygen ------> Oxyhae­mog­lobin
These Oxyhae­mog­lobin are transp­orted through the blood to the cell after that.
Pulmonary capillary ---> Pulmonary vein ---> left atrium­---> bicuspid valve ---> left ventricle ---> semi lunar valve-­--> aorta ---> artery­--> arteri­ole­---> capillary
In terminal capillary of the body, Oxyhae­mog­lobin make oxygen free. These free oxygen diffuse to the lymph. At last, these enter into the cell
Terminal capill­ary­---> lymph ---> cell

Transp­ort­ation of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is produced in the cell due to respir­ation. These carbon dioxide diffuse to the lymp from the cell and enters into the terminal capillary of the body.
Cell ---> lymph ---> terminal capillary
In plasma, there are huge number of water. Carbon dioxide reacts with the water and produce carbonic acid.
CO2+H2O ---> H2CO3
Carbonic acid is an unstable compound. So it breaks down into bi carbonate.
H2CO3 ---> H+ + HCO3-
These bicarb­onate reacts with the potassium ion of the erythr­ocytes and produce sodium bicarb­onate and potassium carbonate.
HCO3- + K+ ---> KHCO3
HCO3- + Na+ ---> NaHCO3
These potassium bicarb­onate and sodium bicarb­onate transport to the Pulmonary capillary
Terminal capill­ary­---> venniolous ---> branches of vein ---> vein ---> inferior and superior vena cave ---> right atrium­---> tricuspid valve --> right ventri­cle­---> semi lunar valve ---> Pulmonary aorta ---> Pulmonary capillary
In Pulmonary capillary, potassium bicarb­onate and sodium bicarb­onate break down and release carbon dioxide. These carbon dioxide diffuse to the alveolous of the lungs.


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