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Elite Dangerous - Singularity Cheat Sheet by

a subset of useful voice commands using Voice Attack with an HCS Voice pack and Elite Dangerous


ON MY MARK - Preface with "On my mark" or "­­St­andby to/for­­" This will allow command execution using "­­Ma­r­k­", "­­Ex­e­c­ut­­e" or "­­En­g­a­ge­­" within 15 seconds
NEXT HOP - Preface with "Next hop and", "Next system and" or "Next system in route and"
Universal - Can be used in Ship or SRV

Take Off & Docking

Request Docking / Take Us In
*Starts Auto-Dock Procedure with 7.5km of a station
Cancel Docking
Cancels docking request before ship is in station
Arrival Checks
Refuels, Rearms and Repairs ship
Enter Hangar / Return to Surface
Enters or Removes ship from underg­round hangar
Prep for Docking
Sets speed, pips and landing gear ready for docking (only needed for manual docking)
Auto Launch / Take Us Out
Starts Auto-L­aunch procedure while docked
Clearance Velocity
Slowly increases speed to 100%
Get Clear and Superc­ruise
Boosts ship until out of mass-lock and jumps to superc­ruise (Will knowc you out of SC if already in it)

Attack & Defense Protocols

Attack Protocol Alpha
Powers weapons & shields, deploys hardpoints
Attack Protocol Bravo
Powers weapons & engines, deploys hardpoints
Attack Protocol Charlie
Powers shields & weapons, deploys hardpoints
Defense Protocol Alpha / Get Me Out of Here
Retracts hardpo­ints, power to engines and engages jump
Defense Protocol Bravo
Retracts hardpo­ints, power to shields and engages jump


Lock Target
Locks target directly in front of you
Target Highest Threat
Targets highest threat
Target Powerp­lan­t/Cargo Hatch/­Shi­eld­s/F­SD/Life Suppor­t/D­rives
Attempts to focus weapons on targets sub-system
Next/P­revious Hostile
Cycles through and targets hostiles
Next/P­revious Ship
Cycles through and targets ships (Hostile or not)
Initiate Planetary Scan
Locks planet­/star in front for detailed surface scanning
Opens contacts tab
Firegroup A,B,C,­D,E...
Changes to defined firegroup


Combat Mode
Switched HUD to combat mode
Deploy­/Re­tract Hardpoints
Toggles hardpoints
Yellow Alert
Initiates attack protocol charlie upon dropping from superc­ruise
Red Alert / Battle Stations
Initiates attack protocol alpha upon dropping from superc­ruise
Cancel Yellow/Red Alert
Cancels active alert
Fire Anti-M­issile
Fires single ECM anti-m­issile burst
Triple Anti-M­issile
Fires three ECM anti-m­issile bursts
Deploy Shield Cell
Launches a shield cell
Deploy Heatsink
Launches heatsink to cool the ship

HUD Functions & Sensors

FSS Mode
Toggles full spectrum system­scanner
Discovery Scan
Fires discovery scanner
Activate Surface Scanner
*Toggles detailed surface scanner
Fire Prode
Fires probe when in detailed surface scanner
Analysis Mode
Switched to analysis mode
Combat Mode
Switches to combat mode
Launch Pulse Wave Scanner
*Fires pulse wave scanner (requires firegroup to be set in keyboard control)
Constant Pulse Wave
*Fires pulse wave scanner repeatedly until cancelled (requires firegroup to be set in keyboard control)
Cancel Pulse Wave
Cancels constant pulse wave scan
Increa­se/­Dec­rease Sensor Range
Adjusts sensor range on HUD
Is This System Dangerous?
Performs check and informs system status
Opens the contacts tab

Sublight Engine Management

Engines 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Sets forward engine speed
Engines to Maximum
Sets maximum engine speed
Cut Engines / Kill Engines / All Stop
Cuts all power to engines
Reverse Engines 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Sets reverse engine speed
Full Reverse
Sets maximum reverse engine speed
Speed Brake / Space Brake
Moment­arily drops and raises cargo scoop to help slow down


Engage Superc­ruise
Engages Superc­ruise (will need to manually throttle up)
Disengage Superc­ruise
Disengages Superc­ruise
Get Clear and Engage Superc­ruise
Boosts ship and engages superc­ruise
Emergency Stop
Emergency exit to normal space from superc­ruise (can damage ship)


Engage Jump
Charges FSD - Will require focus on target to perform jump
Cancel jump
Cancels Jump as long as FSD is still charging

Navigation & Maps

Next System
Targets next system in plotted route
System Map
Opens/­Closes system map
Galaxy Map
Opens/­Closes galaxy map

Ship & AI Control Commands

Toggle Scoop
Toggles cargo scoop (ship or SRV)
Toggles ships exterior lights
Flight Assist
Toggles flight assist
Night Vision
Toggles Night Vision
Reboot and Repair
Reboots ships systems ans attempts to repai damaged modules, shields are restored to 50%
Protocol Override Silent Running
Toggles silent running mode
Self Distruct
Initiates Self Destruct with valid code

Enable­/Di­sable System Modes

Enable­/Di­sable Explorer Mode
*Explorer mode fires discovery scanner automa­tically upon jumping into a new system (requires firegroup to be set)


Standard Greeting 1, 2, 3...
Sends a preset message to local chat (Set in custom­iser)
Standard Target 1, 2, 3...
Sends a preset message to targeted ship (Set in custom­iser)
Standard Reply 1, 2, 3...
Sends a preset reply to the last person that sent you a message (Set in custom­iser)
Standard Wing 1, 2, ...
Sends a preset message to all wing members (Set in custom­iser)

Planetary Landing & SRV Control

Prep for Orbit
Deploy SRV / Board the Ship
Deploy SRV on Landing
Board the Ship
Dismis­s/R­ecall the Ship
Prep for Dust Off
Recalls the ship, then automa­tically launches to orbit
Launch to Orbit
Extraction and Launch
Transfer Cargo
Drive Assist
Enable­/Di­sable Eco Mode
Sets fuel economy mode on or off
Dip/High Beam
Sets SRV lights mode to low or hig
Refuel­/Re­pai­r/R­e-Arm SRV

Intera­ctions and Chitchat

Protocol Override Customize My Settings
Opens HCS Customiser
Enable­/Di­sable Voice Control
Toggles voice control for AI
Enable­/Di­sable Intera­ction Mode
Toggles intera­ction mode with your AI
Enable­/Di­sable Chit Chat
Toggles chit chat for AI
Enable­/Di­sable Conste­lla­tions
Toggles Conste­lla­tions info from the AI
Enable­/Di­sable Quantum Theory
Toggles Quantum Theory info from the AI
Enable­/Di­sable Stars and Planets
Toggles Stars and Planets info from the AI
Enable­/Di­sable Profane Intera­ction Mode
Toggles profanity from AI
Yes, Yeah, Good Idea, Yes Please, Confirm
Agreement Statements with AI
No, Not Now, No Thank You, Cancel Request
Disagr­eement Statements with AI
What's On Your Mind
Prompts Intera­ction with AI
Enable­/Di­sable Galaxa­pedia
Toggles Random facts
Hi Rez Screenshot
Takes a high resolution screenshot


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