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Elite Dangerous: Crime & Punishment Cheat Sheet by

A brief guide to C&P in Elite: Dangerous Beyond

Crime & Punishment

Bounties and fines are applied to the ship you're in.
Fines never mature into bounties.
Bounties never become dormant.
Bounties never expire.
Fines can be paid off at security contacts
Bounties can be cleared by Inters­tellar Factors when your Notoriety is 0
Claimed bounties for the jurisd­iction you died in must be paid when you re-spawn at detention centres.
These changes aim to simplify crimes. You will now have more control over your criminal status risk and reward. You can store a ship with bounties on (a hot ship), hiding your crimin­ality, but at the cost of not using the ship. Bounties are now more signif­icant as you must use Inters­tellar Factors to clear them, which can be expensive.

Thargoid Tissue Sampling

Enter instance, target thargoid when it approaches
Fire limpet
When the Thargoid starts to scan boost past it to stop it; stay around 1km behind it
Activate Silent Running
Keep within limpet range – around 1-2 km away – until the limpet returns. Fire heatsinks as required.
Open cargo hatch on limpet's return


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