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Google Docs - Saving as MS Word Cheat Sheet by

Get Started!

1. Go to Google Docs
2. Log in to your Google account
Note: If you do not already have a Google account, you'll need to create one

Creating a new document

1. once logged in:
Look for the start new document box
2. Choose document type
In this case, you'll want to choose the blank document type

Title and Write Your Document

1. To name your document:
Click untitled document in the top-left corner of the page
1.a. In the box that opens:
Enter your document title
2.Type your document!
* Google Docs has many of the same custom­ization features as Microsoft word

Saving your file

1.Saving as Google Doc file:
Google Docs automa­tically autosaves your file every few seconds, so there's no need to ever worry about losing a document!
2. Saving as an MS Word file:
Click the file menu at the top of the page, choose the download as option, and select the first option - Microsoft Word (.docx)
It's that easy!


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