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Motions Filed Before Discovery

Motion to Dismiss
Request to "­throw out" a case, common grounds include -
        Failure to state a claim
        Lack of jurisd­iction
        Improper venue
Motion to Make a More Definite Claim
Request for other party to clarify their pleading
Motion to Quash Service of Process
Request to disregard the service of of summons and complaint on that party because it was not done properly

Discovery Tools

Requests for Production
Requests for Admissions

Motions During Discovery

Motion to Inspect
A request for access to private property or a particular item for inspection
Motion for Physic­al/­Mental Examin­ation
Request for an individual to submit to an examin­ation
Motion to Compel
Request to compel other party to respond to discovery requests
Motion for Sanctions
A document submitted to the court to describe conduct that violates rules of the court by the other parties in a civil proceeding

Motions Filed After Discovery

Motion for Summary Judgment
Request for judge to enter a judgment in favor of the moving party because there is no genuine dispute as to any material of fact; therefore, the moving party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law
Motion in Limine
Request to limit or prevent certain evidence from being presented during trial
Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings
Request for ruling in moving party's favor based on the pleadings without accepting evidence because the outcome of the case rests on the court’s applic­ation of law


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