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How to Write a Book

Write Your Book in 30 Days

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3. Ask Yourself WHAT Am I Going To Write?

What is the content?
What purpose does it serve?
What is going to be included?
What do I need to be able to write about that?
What do I need to do to have all the inform­ation I need?
The what part is all focused on the preparing to write phase of your book project. It is the research phase.

Write Your Book in 30 Days

Three good reasons to write your first book.

The Psychology of Success

Actually succeeding in your writing endeavour is more about motivation than action taking, so invest in creating your ritual so you are mentally prepared.

1. Ask Yourself WHY?

What is your reason for writing the book?
Why are you the best person to be writing it?
What is the objective of the book?
How will writing the book change you?
How will reading the book change the reader?
Ask yourself some questions to help you get clear about your Why for writing the book.

4. Ask Yourself WHAT Am I Creating?

First Person or Third Person POV
Size of Book
How many words?
Physical size of book
A5, A4, B5 or other
Electr­onic, Print
Memoires, Teaching Memoires, Prescr­iptive Non-Fi­ction, Fiction
The clearer you are about the end result, the easier it will be to make decisions along the way. So decide before you start what you see the end product looking like.

If you are procra­sti­nating because of fear...

Fear will seek to prevent you from starting your book project and is the greatest barrier for first time writers. If you need help to overcome your fear and take the leap, contact Hayley Solich via www.ha­yle­yso­lic­ Hayley has partnered with many first time writers and helped them to achieve their dream.

2. Ask Yourself WHO Am I Writing For?

Who are you writing the book for?
What are their questions that you can answer?
What are they reading?
Where are they congre­gating?
Have you talked to them?
It is important to work create an AVATAR of your reader so that you are writing to the one. The clearer you avatar the more connection you can create through your writing.

5. Ask Yourself HOW Am I Going To Write?

Write an Overview
Start with an outline of the chapters and key points for each chapter
Write by Inspir­ation
Simply sit and write
Write from a detailed plan
Use a planner to dig out the details of what will be in each chapter indepth
Write from a mindmap
Mindmap your ideas, and remove any limita­tions of thinking
Work with a mentor
Find yourself a writing partner, author coach or mentor
Work with a ghost writer
Find a ghost writer to do the writing
Each person has a different way of approa­ching writing their book and you should feel free to find the method that works best for you. Starting with an overview is helpful so you know what you are building, but some like to simply follow the voice inside and be led instin­cti­vely.

6. WHERE will you write?

Creating a writing ritual is really important. It might mean writing at the same time every day, putting on a particular selection of music, having a food or drink routine, going to a particular location, using meditation to create focus, etc. Whatever your ritual is, it is important to use that ritual each time you start to write as it will subcon­sci­ously bring your mind and body into writing mode.


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