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This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Troubl­eshoot the Docker Containers

View containers and status
docker ps -a
Enter a docker contai­ner
docker exec -it <name or id>
View docker logs
docker logs -f
View active ports and connec­tions
netstat -plnt
Check to see if the docker containers are active and running. There are 4 containers required for each install:

Troubl­eshoot DeepZero Status

Enter contai­ner
docker exec -it ze-dee­pzero /bin/bash
Enter logs direct­ory
cd /tmp
Check newest Service logs
tail -f ze-ser­vic­e.log
Check newest DS Manager logs
tail -f ze-dsm­ana­ger.out
Check newest DeepZero logs
tail ze-dee­pze­ro.log

Troupl­eshoot dbapi Connection

Login to platform
Check Health Indicator for flash
Go to Clients tab
Open up Dev Tools and look for errors
*See below for keyboard shortcuts. Usually F12
Developer tools will show successful and unsucc­essful API calls. Use the shortcuts below to access dev tools:
Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + J
Chromium Edge: Ctrl + Shift + I
Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + I
Edge: Ctrl + Shift + I
IE 11:F12