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Inbound Marketing Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Actionable steps and key concepts

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

3 Step Flywheel

Bring helpful, relevant conver­sation. Enter the conver­sation already occurring in the prospect's mind. Give value!
Address prospect's pain-p­oints, problems, and concerns. Build trust and position yourself as a welcome guest, an advocate, and advisor.
Provide outsta­nding, memorable, and value packed experi­ence. Create advocates and promoters for your brand.

Inbound Principles

Standa­rdize for consis­tency
Person­alize for impact
Optimize for clarity
Empathize for perspe­ctive

Buyer's Journey

Prospect realizes they have a problem or opport­unity and researches to more clearly define. In this phase, create content focused on the problem and establish yourself as an expert.
Prospect has defined the problem or opport­unity and is resear­ching all possible solutions. Produce content focused on the solutions and solicit engage­ment. Start conver­sat­ions!
Prospect has determined a path to solving their problem or opport­unity and is looking for confir­mation of their choice. They are evaluating all options on a "­short list." Produce content addressing how your service provides a specific solution to specific problems. Clearly outline why it works.

Company Purpose

Solve a particular problem for a particular set of people. Solve a problem for you that is relevant to others. Define clearly this purpose for everyone in your organi­zation.
Align mission to customer's unders­tanding of business through job theory. Align your people with this shared vision and trust your team to support it.

Jobs Theory

People have things they need to get done and hire products and services to achieve those things.
Find out what set people on the path to purcha­sing, what impulse drove them to act.
"As a ______ person, when I _____ [situation or problem], I want _____ [action or product], so i can _____ [desired outcome]

Buyer Personas

Build a deep unders­tanding of your ideal buyer, aggregate market inform­ation into a specific, fictional person, Use this avatar to create seamless end to end services.
How does this person phrase their problems and interests?
What channels of commun­ication do they prefer?
What demogr­aphics does this person belong to?
What are their pain-p­oints?
Where do they go to get their inform­ation?
What are their common objections as to why your solutions won't fit their needs?

Content Audit

Identify all content currently in files, blogs, crms and cms, websites and social media, etc.
Organize content by title, buyer's journey stage, format, buyer persona, and other notes
Identify upcoming priorities by month, campaigns and initia­tives, themes and so on.
Look at your content calendar as an annual event.