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world geography Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

studying sheet for finals

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

five themes of geography

Where is it? two types of place: absolute location (adress or coordi­nantes) and Relative location (in relation to something else {for example my house is five minutes away from stevens high school})
What is it like there? types of place: human characters (activ­ities, and culture) and physical charac­ter­istics (landf­orms, plants, animals)
human/­env­iroment intera­ction
how do humans and the enviroment affect each other? types of human enviroment intera­ction: human reaction to the enviroment (clothing, ac or heating), human impact on the enviro­men­t(i­rri­gat­ion­,po­llu­tio­n),and human rely on the enviro­men­t(m­ini­ng,­dri­nking water,non renewable resources)
types of movement: people­(tr­ans­por­tat­ion), ideas(­com­mun­ica­tion), and migrat­ion­(people moving from one place to another
smaller divisi­ons­/peices and how its similar to itself and the difference from another region
these all play an important role in how the world has evolved today and how it's functi­oni­ng/­wor­king.

iraqs religious and ethnic groups

-beleive that islam should be descen­dants of muhammad
-60% of iraqs population
-beleive that Islams leader should be chosen from people who are qualified
-75% of the worlds muslims
-are sunnis but have histor­y,l­ang­uag­e,and culture
-these all differ from arabic neighbors

Russain and European republics

size and extreme climates affected and shaped Russia by having so many different types of climate which usually means what kind of pepole and farming there is.
permaf­rost- is when the ground is permanatly frozen
tundra- flat land found in artic and subartic regions
taiga- forest area with mostly evergreens
landma­ss-­con­tinuous extent of land
steppe­s-very large plains
Conflicts between US and Russia fought in other countries
-vietnam {{nl}] -miiddle east
-latin america
The soviet union disman­teled in 1991 when the republics wanted indepe­ndence
Vladimir Puten is the president of russia, there are still many issues with poverty
Russia claims they have a Democracy but it's turning into capitalism

Main religions

smaller divisi­ons­/peices and how its similar to itself and the difference from another region
-2000 years old
-biggest religion with 2.2 billion beleivers
-jesus christ is the son of God
-christain book is called the bible
-normal day of worship is on Sunday
-second biggest religion with over 1 billion beleivers
-called "­mus­lim­s"
-the scripture is called holy qur'an
-place of worship is a mosque
-pray five times a day
-worship is on friday
-religious leader is called Amam