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Oregon Immunization Cheat Sheet by

Oregon Immunization for Schools

Who Must File

Almost all Schools and Childcare Facilities need to file.
Child care providers that are registered with the Office of Child Care need to maintain an up-to-date Certif­icate of Immuni­zation Status (CIS) form for each child in their care, but do not partic­ipate in the immuni­zation review and exclusion cycle.
If you're unsure if you need to file, please contact the Oregon Health Authority at 971-67­3-0528.

Medical Exemptions

Permanent Medical: The condition is a medical reason not to immunize and it will not change in the future. Permanent medical exemptions do not need to be reviewed again. Children with permanent medical exemptions should be included in the suscep­tible list for the vaccines for which they are medically exempt.
Temporary Medical: The condition is a medical reason not to immunize but is short term and expected to resolve in the future. The health department will assign a future review date on the Medical Exemption Review Summary form and return the form to you. When the review date arrives, the child is required to obtain the necessary vaccin­ations, or the health department needs to be notified so they can review the docume­ntation to determine whether there should be a contin­uation of the medical exemption.
Children who cannot get shots because of a medical reason need a note from a health care provider. The doctors note gets sent to the local health department to review. They will let you know if it is approved as a permanent or temporary medical exemption or if it is denied. If denied, the parent will need to either get the child vaccinated or obtain a nonmedical exemption.

Non-Me­dical Exemptions

Video Education Certif­icate: Certif­icate issued once the guardian has completed an online educat­ional video.
Health Care Education Certif­icate: Certif­icate issued once the guardian has consulted with a Health Care Practi­oner.
Valid nonmedical exemptions must contain both a Vaccine Education Certif­icate either from the online module or a provider and a signed CIS form. See https:­//t­iny­­m/O­reg­onN­onM­edical for more inform­ation.

Important Dates

Publish Immuni­zation Statistics on the web, post it at the Facility, Guardian copy - 30 days after school starts.
Attempt to contact guardians whose children are due for shots - 30-90 days after school starts.
Primary Review Summary - Sections A-D due to your local health depart­ment.
Health Department mails exclusion orders to children's families who are not up-to-date on their immuni­zat­ions.
Exclusion day. All children who are not up-to-date or complete on their immuni­zations will be excluded from their school or child care facility.
Primary Review Summary - Updated Sections B-D and E-H due to your local health depart­ment.
Publish Immuni­zation Statistics
For a complete timeline of events go to

ALERT IIS / ShotCare

The ALERT IIS is a statewide immunization registry. For more information go to
ShotCare can also be used instead of ALERT IIS.
ALERT IIS / ShotCare is a great way to obtain Immuni­zation records.




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