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Activate and Setup Account

Welcome Email
After you have been added to the RingCe­ntral business phone system, you will receive an email welcoming you to your new account. In this email you will receive your company phone number and extension (if applic­able). Please follow the instru­ctions in the email and click (or copy-a­nd-­paste) the activation link.

Create Password
Next you'll need to create a password, PIN, and security question and answer for your account. Follow the on-screen prompts. After completing this step, you will be taken to the Express Setup.

Express Setup
After you activate your account, RingCe­ntral starts Express Setup, which quicky guides you through the process of setting up your new phone system.

Logging In

Log in to your online account at https:­//s­erv­ice.ri­ngc­ent­ using your main RingCe­ntral phone number and password.

Account Validation
Account Validation is a security feature that helps protect against fraudulent activity on your account. You will be asked for a security validation code when you log in from a new or unreco­gnized computer for the first time. Depending on your account settings, you will need to check your phone or email for the security code and enter it in the box before logging in.


Message Tab
Your voicemail and fax messages are stored here. Under Messages, you can:
• Review inbound and outbound callers
• Listen to voicemail
• View faxes
• Save voicemail and received faxes to your computer
• Forward messages and faxes by email
• Click on a caller's number to call them back
• Delete and undelete items
• Block caller

Under the Open column, you will see symbols for the following types of messages:
Voicemail - Hover over the Voicemail and Play symbols to hear the message
Fax - Hover over the Fax and Eye symbols to view a preview of the fax cover page.

User Settings

Click the Settings tab on the menu bar to change your settings.

On your Settings page, you have Shortcuts that allow you to quickly access commonly used functions.
• Manage My Call Forwarding
• Manage Greeting & Call Screening
• Change My Voicemail Greeting
• Manage My After Hours Settings
• Set My Caller ID

How do I…
If you need help setting up your phone system, check out the How do I… section to watch short, helpful videos.

Launch Confer­encing App

1. Click the Conference icon.
2. A pop-up will appear with conference
numbers and settings.
- a. View Dial-in numbers.
- b. View Host and Partic­ipant codes.
- c. If you have intern­ational partic­ipants, check the checkbox next to I have intern­ational partic­ipants. Select intern­ational dial-in numbers at the bottom of the pop-up.
- d. Check the checkbox next to Enable join before host to allow partic­ipants to start a conference call without a host.
- e. Click Invite with Email to open an email with prep-p­opu­lated conference details - simply enter partic­ipant emails and send.
- f. Click Conference Commands to view Conference Commands*.
3. Click Close.

Making Calls

The RingOut icon is located in the upper right of every online account page.
1. Click the RingOut icon in the upper right corner.
2. A pop-up dialer will appear.
3. Dial a number or use your keyboard to type a number into the text field. You can also choose from among recent calls, or from your contact list.
4. Once you have entered a valid number or chosen a contact, the Call button will turn green.
5. At the bottom of the pop-up you will see a drown-down menu with your different phone numbers. From here you can select the number you’d like to show as your Caller ID. You also have the option to choose custom phone number from the drop-down menu and enter the desired number in the text field below the drop-down menu.
6. Check the checkbox next to Prompt me to press 1 before connecting the call if you’d like the system to confirm that you would like to make the call before you are connected. When the system calls you, you will hear "­Please press 1 to connec­t." This protects you in case you mistyped your own number, or if your voicemail picks up too quickly.
7. Click Call. The system first calls you. When you answer (and press 1 as instructed if you’ve selected this option), it then calls the other number and connects you.

Forwarding Calls

1. From the Settings tab, select Call Handling & Forwarding.
2. First Ring:
- a. Click Desktop apps & Smartp­hones to turn on notifi­cations and set the number of seconds to wait before forwarding begins.
3. Then forward calls to:
- a. Enter other numbers to receive forwarded calls. These are then added to your call list, where they can also be reordered and turned on or off.
- b. Click the slider in the Active column to turn call forwarding to each number listed on and off.
- c. Use the drop-down menu to select the length of time for each phone to ring.
4. If you'd like to forward your calls to other users' phones, click >Fo­rward to other user's phones.
- a. Select the user you'd like to forward calls to.
- b. Click the arrow to move the selected members to the column on the right. This column is for users who will receive forwarded calls. You can select users and use the arrows to add or remove them from this column.
- c. Click Done.
5. Click Add Phone button to add up to 10 forwarding numbers to each phone extension.
6. Click Create Ring Groups and select the phones that will ring at the same time your call comes in.
- a. Check the checkbox next to the phones you'd like to include as a group.
- b. Click Group.
- c. You will see the grouped phones highli­ghted in blue with only one checkbox.
- d. Click Done.
- e. Groups will appear highli­ghted in blue under Call Handling & Forwarding.
7. Make your selection for Phones will ring:
- a. Sequen­tially - Use the up and down arrows next to each phone in the Move column to set the order in which your phones will ring.
- b. Simult­ane­ously - All phones listed will ring at the same time.
8. Click Save.


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