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3 Pages
Like any other language or tool, Python has some best practices to follow before, during, and after the process of writing your code. These make the code readable and create a standard across the industry. Other developers working on the project should be able to read and understand your code.
11 Aug 20
python, code, software, engineering, best and 3 more ...
3 Pages
Units, Dimension, Measurements & Practical Physics.
19 Aug 22, updated 20 Aug 22
9 Pages
A supply chain practice cheat sheet serves as a quick reference guide for professionals working in supply chain management. It provides a concise summary of the key practices and processes that are essential for managing a successful supply chain.
10 May 23, updated 12 Jun 23
1 Page
Practice your live coding skills focusing on one out of the following list of data structures and algorithms per round
16 Oct 23
1 Page
It should not be considered a replacement for reading the book
3 Feb 23

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