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2 Pages
Hand ranks, out odds and the basic play for Texas Holdem, Five Card Draw and Seven Card Stud.
5 Apr 13, updated 11 Mar 20
games, beginner, texas, draw, cards and 5 more ...
1 Page
Card and hand rankings, plus tiebreak rules of standard poker (5 cards). Does not list the rules of various types of poker games.
10 Jan 13, updated 11 May 16
games, gaming, king, queen, jack and 12 more ...
1 Page
Everything you will need to enjoy a trip away from home.
19 Jan 12, updated 12 May 16
make, regular, scrabble, screen, electronics and 97 more ...
6 Pages
Some informations about Tarot.
15 Apr 18, updated 16 Oct 20
1 Page
A list of some house rules in Uno because why not. Also a few official rules (italicized) that I often see people overlook. Print one out and check the rules your group agrees on.
27 Sep 23, updated 19 Oct 23
1 Page
One way to play Uno: Show Em No Mercy with a standard deck of cards. Based on Discord's Blazing 8's. I thought this mapping would be the most intuitive, with most of the actions being tied to high cards.
7 Oct 23, updated 21 Mar 24
1 Page
A list of secrets in the F2P card game from Blizzard, Hearthstone.
12 May 16
1 Page
For the living card game, Lord of the Rings
9 May 16
game, card, of, the, rings and 4 more ...
1 Page
In this game, there’s only room for one hero. Powers clash to show who has the brawns to protect this city! Electrokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, and Unmrakinesis duke it out to become the most powerful hero… or villain, we don’t judge. The rest are… Powerless!!
31 May 20
3 Pages
A beginner-friendly Magic the Gathering cheat sheet of all the magic basics. This is includes, but is not limited to: Colors and Symbols, card Abilities, Phases and Steps of a Turn, Formats, and the anatomy of a Magic card.
30 Oct 23

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