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The Winning Profile Cheat Sheet by

How to get into the Top TU9 Universities in Germany? What are the essential elements your profile must have to stand out among all the other applicants? Learn from the expert and make a Winning Profile

The Ideal Profile

GRE/GMAT score
Research Paper
Extra Curriculur Activities
Knowledge of German Language

GRE/GMAT Test Requir­ement

GRE/GMAT score is not compulsory but if you have these test scores, it greatly increases your chances. Regard­less, if it is not asked during the applic­ation process, your chances increase very high with a good GRE score (315-320 plus) or with a GMAT score of 600 plus.

Extra Curricular Activities

Your extra Curricular Activi­ties: Apart from Academics, what extra activities you have been part of also make a lot of difference to your applic­ation. Sports, Volunteer work, knowing a foreign language, intern­ational travel, student exchange programs, any leadership roles you have during college time, part of any student club, committee members, etc; adds a lot of value.

Ideal Grades

Grades - minimum 2.5GPA (equiv­alent to 70%)in German Grading Scale to get your profile assessed. 2.0GPA­(79­-80%) offers a great chance to enter into TU9 Univer­sities.

Intern­shi­p/P­roject Work

Intern­shi­p/P­roject work: Remember to complete at least 2 intern­ships while you are still finishing your Bachelor's degree, either of 3 years or 4 years. Intern­ships are essentials for assessment purposes and how much a candidate applied his theore­tical knowledge into applic­ation. With 0 intern­ships, it becomes very hard to get into TU9 Univer­sities.

Knowledge of German Language

Knowledge of German Language up to A2 level. Although it is not required to have German language knowledge, it is a part of hidden unders­tanding regarding your suitab­ility as a candidate, who is willing to adopt the culture and learn a language. It helps in integr­ation and also makes the admission committee believes that you are prepared for your stay in Germany as an intern­ational student.

English Language Requir­ement

IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 bands and no section less than 6.0. You can also pursue a TOEFL score with a minimum score of 90 to keep your chances high of getting selected. DO not use MOI as an altern­ative to getting intoTU9s.

Research Papers

Research paper: Publishing a research paper in Intern­ational Journal really helps your chances for TU9. Any research work/paper or bachelor thesis which you could undertake during your graduation period is really helpful.


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