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Brocade vRouter (Vyatta) Information Gathering Cheat Sheet by

Useful information gathering commands

Brocade Vyatta Docume­ntation

System Inform­ation

show system storage
Current Disk utiliz­ation
show system memory
Current memory utiliz­ation
monitor log
Display log in realtime
show log tail <NU­MBE­R>
Display last NUMBER is lines
show version
Display current software version
ls -lh /var/log
List log file on disk

Config­uration - Display

show config­uration
Display config­uration
show config­uration commands
Display config­uration in command format
show system commit
Display list of recent commit
show system commit diff rev-­num
Display changes applied in specific commit

Config­uration - Edit

Enter Config­uration Mode
Apply Changes to running config­uration
Save Applied changes to Startup config­uration
Discard unapplied changes and Exit Config­uration mode
Show config­uration with changes config­uration
set argum­ents
Add new item to config­uration
delete argum­ents
Remove item to config­uration


show interfaces
Interface IP inform­ation
show interface ethernet detail
Detailed interface counters
monitor interfaces
Interface usage
show arp
Device ARP table
clear interfaces counters
Clear interface counters


show firewall
Display firewall rule config­ura­tions
show firewall [name name ] [rule rule­-num | statis­tics]]
Display inform­ation for specific firewall rule set and/or specific rule
clear firewall {name name} [rule rule-­num] counters
Clear firewall rule counters


show nat [desti­nation | source] rules
Show configured NAT rules
show nat [desti­nation | source] statistics
Show statistics for configured NAT rules
show nat [desti­nation | source] transl­ations
Show active NAT transl­ations
'desti­nation' or 'source' must be specified in the command

VPN - IPSec Point to Point

show vpn ike sa [peer peer]
Display Phase 1 SAs
show vpn ipsec sa [peer peer [tunnel tunnel]]
Display Phase 2 SAs and Tunnels
show vpn ipsec sa detail [peer peer [tunnel tunnel]]
Display Detailed Phase 2 SAs and Tunnels
show vpn ipsec sa statistics [peer peer [tunnel tunnel]]
Display Phase 2 statistics for peers and Tunnels
reset vpn ipsec-peer peer [tunnel tunnel]
Reset a specific Peer and/or Tunnel


show ip route
Device IP Routing Table
show ospf4 neighbor
OSPF neighbors
show ospf4 database
OSPF Database


show vrrp
Display current VRRP failover status
show config­-sync status
Display config­uration synchr­oni­zation status
show config­-sync difference
Display config­uration differ­ences between peers
These are useful commands if there are two Vyatta's configured for failover

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