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TMUX Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

TMUX personal cheat sheet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Start new named session
tmux new -s <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
Start named session with named window
tmux new -s <se­ssi­on_­nam­e> -n <wi­ndo­w_n­ame>
Kill named session
tmux kill-s­ession -t <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
Kill all sessions except current
tmux kill-s­ession -a
Rename session
Ctrl+a  $
Show all sessions
tmux ls

Ctrl+a  s
Attach to last session
tmux a
Attach to named session
tmux a -t <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>
Session and Window preview
Ctrl+a  w
Move to previous session
Ctrl+a  (
Move to next session
Ctrl+a  )
Switch to session by name
Ctrl+a  Ctrl+f <se­ssi­on_­nam­e>


Create window
Ctrl+a  c
Rename current window
Ctrl+a  ,
Close current window
Ctrl+a  &
Previous window
Ctrl+a  Ctrl+l
Next window
Ctrl+a  Ctrl+h
Switch­/select window by number
Ctrl+a  0..9
Toggle last active window
Ctrl+a  Tab
Reorder window (swap)
:swap-­window -s <so­urc­e_n> -t <de­st_­n>
Move current window to the left (1 position)
:swap-­window -t -1


Toggle last active pane
Ctrl+a  ;
Horizontal split
Ctrl+a  -
Vertical split
Ctrl+a  _
Move the current pane left
Ctrl+a  {
Move the current pane right
Ctrl+a  }
Switch to pane to the direction
Synchr­onize panes (send command to all)
:setw synchr­oni­ze-­panes
Toggle pane layouts
Ctrl+a  Spacebar
Switch to next pane
Ctrl+a  o
Switch­/select pane by number
Ctrl+a  q  0..9
Toggle zoom
Ctrl+a  z
Convert pane into window
Ctrl+a  +
Resize current pane
Close current pane
Ctrl+a  x
Swap panes
Ctrl+a  </>


Enter command mode
Ctrl+a  :
Set OPTION for all sessions
: set -g <OP­TIO­N>
Set OPTION for all windows
: setw -g <OP­TIO­N>
Toggle mouse mode
Ctrl+a  m
Open config­uration
Ctrl+a  e
Reload config­uration
Ctrl+a  r
Enter copy-mode
Ctrl+a  Enter
Save history
Ctrl+a  Alt+Sh­ift+p