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Test Development Cycle Cheat Sheet by

Starting a Test

✔ Update DA Portal status (in dev)
✔ Create Branch (master[test­Id])
✔ Create test Folder:🧨
tests folder­/[­fis­cal­Yea­r]/­[te­stI­d]/­fi­les
✔ Create HTML Files (copy the offers' names) 🧨🎯🧙‍♂️
✔ Create readme 🧨🧙‍♂️
✔ Create Dyna­mite json file 🧨🧙‍♂️
Publ­ish your branch ([tes­tId]: scaffo­lding)

During a test

Make sure Dynamite is running
Check Dynamite for errors at every save
Keep your code orga­niz­ed, clean, and docu­men­ted
Use compre­hensive variable and method names
Give methods a Single Respon­sib­ility
Turn repeated code into spec­ialized functi­ons
Prefer CSS and HTML over JS
Keep an eye on PR Recomm­end­ations

PR Recomm­end­ations

Use the latest version of the template
Code must pass JSHint validation
Check for errors and warn­ings on the console
Code cannot bailout
Use waitFor mehotds only when the element is always going to be present
wai­tFor the closest parent or the element itself
Use CSS vendor prefixes
Use valid semantic HTML
Test must remain as defined when viewport changes
Remove console messages and commented out code
Cache variab­les used more than once
Check if perf­orm­ance is not compro­mised
Only use Inter­cep­tAjax on specific calls, not open ones
Don't create custom functi­ons for things that exist on the tntlib
jQuery ajax or get methods must have an error handling function
$va­ria­bles that hold jQuery objects must start with $
Add the t[t­est­Id]_ prefix when naming cook­ies (e.g. t1234_)

Validate Recipes

Check the following items for all supported browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE11)
Styles must correspond to TED
Logic must correspond to TED
Check metr­ics
Check experience on applicable view­ports
If the test doesn't run on all viewports, make sure to include the viewp­orts array
Check code docume­ntation and readab­ility
Review your code, checking PR Recomm­end­ati­ons

Finishing a test

✔ Add metrics to readme (e.g. 1234_­myM­etric)
✔ Check if there's no inform­ation missing in the readme
✔ Create a Merge Request
✔ Paste metrics table into DA Portal (Setup Details > Custom Metrics)
✔ Update DA Portal status (Pre-QA)
✔ Submit a TED Review


The info is in the Target Portal
There are TnT Snippets for this task
Dyna­mite can automate this task


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