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A set of easy and frequently used features for Wifite 2. Wifite - Python script to automate wireless auditing using aircrack-ng tools.


-check <fi­le>
check capfile <fi­le> for handsh­akes.
display previo­usl­y-c­racked access points
$ aircar­ck-ng -S
WPA cracking speed test
$ hashca­t.exe -m 2500 -b -w 4
- b : run benchmark of selected hash-modes - m 2500 : hash mode - WPA-EA­POL­-PBKDF2 - w 4 : workload profile 4 (night­mare)
I find that I frequently need to go back and work with uncracked keys, that is the biggest issuse you will run into, due to the cracking process having limited capabi­lit­ies.check your CPU first to see capabi­lities. It may b best if you have hashcat setup w/GPU accele­ration to use the bottom command outside of wifite for fastest results and greatest capabi­lities.

Global (Frequ­ently used)

attack all targets.
Changes MAC address of 'iface' to a random MAC.
-pow <db>
attacks any targets with signal strenghth > <db>
If it is important to stay anonymous, make sure to -mac to randomize your address.
part of the charm of Wifite is the automation to attack multiple targets and just letting the software run. Attack success can greatly depend on signal strength, due to proximity, and ability to succes­sfu­llfuly send and recievec the packlets.
A succes­sfull trick I have found is not to attack targets below a signal strength. -pow 50, is a good place to start.


only target WEP networks
only target WPS networks
only target WPA networks (works with -wps -wep)
-wepca <n>
start cracking when number of ivs surpass n [10000]
-crack <di­c>
crack WPA handshakes using <di­c> wordlist file
-dict <fi­le>
specify dictionary to use when cracking WPA
Setting the type of targets to focus on can help. Its also nice to run again a certain type of attacks that can be done quickly at one time. For instance running against WPS attacks and then moving on to doing full sets of WEP attacks on sevrel targets.
It can be a good idea, to capture a WPA handshake, run against a short list, since cracking is improb­able, then making use of GPU/CPU accele­ration setup on Hashcat and trying working against a larger list. SEE Commands.


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