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Shadowrun 6E Rigger Cheat Sheet by

Important rules and information for playing a Rigger in Shadowrun 6E, info from both Core Rulebook Seattle and Core Rigger Rulebook Double Dutch.

Rigging Basics

Vehicles can be controlled remotely, be "­jumped into" (contr­olled directly via VR) or driven normally. There can only be one controller at a time.
Defending vs. Attacks on vehicle
The driver rolls [Piloting + Reaction]. Immobile vehicl­es/­drones make no defense rolls.
Vehicles are immune to stun damage with DV equal to or lower than their Body, excluding electr­icity.
When rigging remotely, noise penalties apply.
Attack Rating
[Piloting + Sensor]
Defense Rating
[Piloting + Armor]
Cold-sim VR initiative
[Intuition + Data Proces­sing] + 2d6
Hot-sim VR initiative
[Intuition + Data Proces­sing] + 3d6

Jumped-in Attributes

Physical attributes change to mental attributes when jumped into a vehicle or drone.

Drone Rigging

Commanding drones
Commanding a drone is a Minor Action. Remotely commanded drones use their Pilot Rating as its combat atttribute and autosofts as skills.
Drone Initiative
When acting on their own, drones have an initiative of [Pilot x 2] and 3d6 additional Initiative Dice. When jumped in, the drone uses the rigger's VR Initia­tive.
Standard weapon mounts hold 250 rounds and can target a 90-degree arc. When fired by autopilot, it uses the Attack Rating of the mounted weapon and [Weapon Targeting autosoft rating + Sensor]. When jumped in, it uses [Engin­eering + Logic].


Autosoft capacity
Half the drone's Pilot rating, rounded up. When slaved to a rigger command console, it uses those autosofts and can exceed their limit.
Acts as drone's [Perce­ption] skill. Attribute: Sensor
Electronic Warfare
Acts as the [Cracking] skill for jamming and overcoming ECM. Attribute: Sensor
Used by the drone to avoid attacks. Drones use [Piloting + Evasion] to avoid getting hit. Attribute: Pilot
Acts as the [Piloting] skill for the drone. Different from Pilot Rating. Attribute: Pilot
Acts as the drone's [Stealth] skill. Attribute: Pilot
[Weapon] Targeting
Acts as a weapon skill for a specific mounted weapon. Drones suffer a -1 penalty to their Sensor rating when making an attack without the right Targeting autosoft.

Vehicle Rigging

Speed Interval
Each time you pass the Speed Interval of the vehicle, you incur a cumulative -1 dice pool penalty to Handling tests and attacks from the vehicle.
Handling test
[Piloting + Reaction], typically vs the Handling rating of the vehicle.
Occurs after failing a Handling test. [Piloting] test with Handling as the threshold, modified by Speed Interval. If it fails, the vehicle crashes and people inside must resist damage equal to the speed of the vehicle in meters per round, divided by 10.
Distance traveled in one combat round
Speed at beginning of turn + 1/2 accele­ration rate
Using weapon in a vehicle
Mounted weapons use [Engin­eering + Logic], and Speed Interval penalties apply. Attacking with a non-mo­unted weapon in a vehicle is the same as outside, but Speed Interval penalties apply. Melee weapons have their DV modified by the Speed Interval.
Using vehicle as a weapon
Opposed test to hit a vehicle or person - to hit a vehicle, make an opposed Handling test. To hit someone outside of a vehicle, use [Piloting + Reaction] vs. [Intuition + Reaction].
Vehicle collision
Attack Rating of a vehicle is [Piloting + Sensor], and Defense Rating is [Piloting + Armor]. Damage is (Body/2), +1 per Speed Interval Physical damage.
Vehicle damage
Vehicles and drones have a Condition Monitor equal to (Body/2) + 8. Handling increases by 1 for every three boxes of damage, and they break when the Condition Monitor is filled.


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