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GitBash GitFlow Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Branch Categories

default branch for developers
published, tagged releases only
Feature or Topic branches, groups linked commits during develo­pment
Major/­Minor Release branches for Fixes after CodeFr­eeze. Branched from dev (major) or other release (minor).
Hotfix­-Re­lease branch on demand from master at tag v1.2.3

Feature (aka Topic or Bugfix)

show local feature branches
git flow feature
start new feature 'ITS-123' from dev
git flow feature start ITS-123
push incomplete feature-branch
(rarely used)
git flow feature publish
rebase feature
pull changes from dev
git flow feature rebase
finish feature
merge to dev
git flow feature finish
After starting feature, all featur­e-a­ctions are started from within featur­e-b­ranch.

Release - git flow release ...

Show local release branches
(or nothing)
Start new major release 1
start 1
Start minor 1.2 based on rel. 1
start 1.2 release/1
Push snapshot (tagged?)
publish [v1.2.1]
Finish release
finish [v1.2.2]