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Scapular Dyskinesis Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Scapular dyskinesis Rx, Hx, PE

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Scapula dyskinesis

- Dominant shoulder more affected
- Abnormal scapula motion causes a shift in the humeral head
- Increases stress on shoulder capsule, anterior GH ligaments and rotator cuff
- Loss of rotator cuff strength


- Muscular imbalance
- Neurol­ogical injury
- Joint pathology
- Weakness, tightness, fatigue, altered activation in pec minor, short head of biceps
- Excessive pull on corocoid process
weakness of lower traps/­ser­ratus anterior - inadequate acromial elevation
- Excessive mobile phone use
- Dysfun­ction in distal kinetic chain - hip abductor or core weakness
- Hyperk­yphosis
- Secondary:
AC sepera­tio­n/i­nst­abi­lit­y/a­rth­rosis
Labral injury
GH instab­ility
Bicep tendinitis
Clavic­le/­scapula f#
- Cx radicu­lopathy
- Peripheral neuropathy ( Spinal accessory nerve, long thoracic, supras­capular nerve


- Can be asympt­omatic
- Pain in anteri­or/­pos­ter­osu­perior aspect of the shoulder
- Discomfort radiates inferiorly towards lateral deltoi­d/s­upe­riorly into traps
- Pain over coracoid (pec minor tightness)

SICK scapular syndrome

- Made up of Scapula malpos­itiong, Inferior ankle promin­ence, Coracoid tender­nes­s/m­alp­osi­tiong, dysKinesis
- Observe for winging or asymmetry
- Drop arm test - look for scapula smoothness


- +ve drop arm test
- Decreased ROM (int rot)
- TTP of coravoid, subacr­omial, pecs, biceps, upper traps, rotator cuff
- Look for UCS signs and hip abductor weakness
- Arch of imping­ement


- Stretch out/my­ofa­scial release of tight muscles (pec minor, biceps, upper traps)
- Exercises (serratus anterior, lower traps, middle traps (external rotation, prone extension, pure horizontal abduct­ion), scapula retraction
- Avoid shrugging shoulders
- Streng­thening of glut med/core