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Xterm Keyboard Shortcuts by

Keyboard shortcuts for xterm compatible terminal emulators.

Deleting Text

Ctrl + k
Deletes all characters ahead of cursor
Ctrl + w, Alt + Backspace
Deletes word behind cursor *
Ctrl + u
Deletes all characters behind cursor
Ctrl + l
Clears the screen
* A word is a set of characters seperated by spaces


Ctrl + c
Kill process
Ctrl + z
Send current process to background
Recall background process
Ctrl + d
Log out of current terminal

Cursor Movement

Ctrl + a, Home
Move to beginning of line
Ctrl + b, Left Arrow
Move cursor left
Ctrl + e, End
Move to end of line
Ctrl + f, Right Arrow
Move cursor right

Command History

Ctrl + p, Up Arrow
Previous command in history
Ctrl + n, Down Arrow
Next command in history
Ctrl + r
Search command history
Print the command history


Ok, this doesn't seem to be an xterm cheatsheet at all, it is more of a bash with emacs line editing mode on (instead of vi, which would be a bunch of different key combinations). While the Processes section is not bash/emacs specific it isn't specific to xterm either, it applies to any shell with job control and works on the console, outside of X too (just like the rest of these).

Perhaps an actual xterm cheatsheet should mention xterm-specific escape codes or mouse actions, not bash / sh keys.

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