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SAS Server Command Cheatsheet

File permis­sio­n/O­wners

chmod -R 770 Files/­Dir­ect­ories
Change file or folder permission direct­ories
770 = read & write on user and groups
740=read & write on User. Read only on group
chmod -R a=rwx. g=rwx, o= files/­dir­ect­ories
Changes permission using rwx style.
chown -R user:group files/­dir­ect­ories
Changes the user & group of files or directory.
-R option will make recursive changes to the directory

Disk & File size

df -g
Check the storage space usage on current directory.
cd /sasdata & df -g | grep IFRS9Model
check how much spaces IFRS9Model folder is used
du -m
Check the file size in megabytes.
du -m /sasda­ta/­IFR­S9M­ode­l/C­ana­da/­Rep­ort­s/C­B_I­FRS­9_D­ash­board

User Related Commands

view your unix id
groups scotiaid
check which group the user belongs to.
groups s3307623
will show all groups s3307623 belongs
lsgroup ALL | grep ifrs9mod
check all users under group ifrs9mod


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