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def Singleton(cls):
  _instances = {}
  def getinstance():
    if cls not in _instances:
      _instances[cls] = cls()
    return _instances[cls]
  return getinstance

class Counter(object):
  def __init(self):
    if not hasattr(self ,’val’): self.val = 0
  def get(self): return self.val
  def incr(self): self.val += 1


class PlayerFactory(object):
  def new(self, name, type):
    if type == ’peasant’:
      return Peasant(name)
    elif type == ’warior’:
      return Warior(name)
    return None


class CounterProxy(object):
    def __init__(self, type):
        self.type = type
    def incr(self):
        if self.type == 'W':
    def get(self):


class Producer(Thread):

  def __init__(self, queue, cvs, maxsize=5):
    self.queue = queue
    self.maxsize = maxsize
    self.notfull = cvs[0]
    self.notempty = cvs[1]
    self.terminate = False
    self.counter = 0

  def run(self):
    while not self.terminate:
      sleep(0.1 * randint(0, 10)) # sleep randomly

      while len(self.queue) >= self.maxsize: # full
        print "full queue, waiting"
        if self.terminate:
      self.counter += 1
      self.notempty.notify() # notify consumer, a new item

  def quit(self):
    self.terminate = True


class Subject(object):
    _observers = []
    def register(self, obs):
    def unregister(self, obs):
    def notify(self):
        for o in self._observers:
    def state(self): pass
class Observer(object):
    def update(self, subj): pass
class Clock(Subject):
    def __init__(self):
        self.value = 0
    def state(self):
        return self.value
    def tick(self):
        self.value += 1
class Person(Observer):
    def update(self, obj):
        print "heyo", obj.state()
a = Person()
b = Clock()


class AuthFacade(object):
    def __init__(self ,method):
        if method == 'passwd':
        elif method =='oauth':
        elif method =='otp':
                throw ...
    def auth(self,identity,data):
        #check authentication based on setting


class Consumer(Thread):
  def __init__(self, queue, cvs):
    self.queue = queue
    self.notfull = cvs[0]
    self.notempty = cvs[1]
    self.terminate = False
  def run(self):
    while not self.terminate:
      sleep(0.1 * randint(0, 10)) # sleep randomly
      while len(self.queue) == 0: # empty
        print "empty queue, waiting"
        if self.terminate:
      item = self.queue[0]
      del self.queue[0]
      print "consumed ", item
      self.notfull.notify() # notify consumer, a new item
  def quit(self):
    self.terminate = True


A complex library, tool or system; consisting of many functions and/or classes; probably poorly designed is tried to be accessed. It is hard to read and unders­tand. There are many depend­encies distri­buted in the source, needs many housek­eeping tasks and stages to access. Any change in the system require changes in the whole source code.
Facade­:Define a class implem­enting all details of the librar­y/s­ystem and providing a simple uniform interface. Access the library through this interface.
You need to access a hard to duplicate, limited, probably old class defini­tion. You donot have a chance to improve it or change the interface. Or, you want to have restricted access to methods (autho­riz­ation). Or, you want smarter access like caching.
Proxy: Write a class interface implem­enting functi­ona­lities missing in the original interface.
Objects depending on eachothers states need to be informed when the other encoun­tered a change. Event handling systems.
Observer: Maintain a registry of observing objects in Subject object. When an event occurs, notify the observers.
Create objects from a set of classes. Implem­ent­ation depends on class defini­tions. Introd­uction of new classes and other changes need recomp­ila­tion. Class constr­uctors exposed.
Factory: Use interface functi­ons­/ob­jects to encaps­ulate class names and constr­uctors. Use a interface functions, methods to provide you instances. Rest is handled by polymo­rphism.

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