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Expressjs - Nodejs

Express js
Express is a minimal and flexible Node.js web applic­ation framework that provides a robust set of features for web and mobile applic­ations.

Function - checkm­ail­exist

This function check if email id already exist in mongo db. Return true or false.

Function Regist­ration

This is used for regist­ration in website. There are four parameters name,email and password.

Function - apilogin

This function is used for chrome extension login. There are two parameters are accepted email and password. Return false if invalid login details otherwise unique ID of user.

Function - logincheck

This function is used for website login . There are two parameters are accepted email and password.

Function - connect

This function is used for push data to mongo db extracted by chrome extension. There are two parameters one is user_id and second is array of data of facebook friend list.

Mongo Database

Mongo DB
MongoDB is a cross-­pla­tform docume­nt-­ori­ented database program. It is issued under the Server Side Public License version 1, which was submitted for certif­ication to the Open Source Initiative but later withdrawn in lieu of SSPL version 2.

Database - new_import

Table - facebo­ok_user
Table - site_users
Table - facebo­ok_user : store list of imported of users from facebook.
Table - site_users : store list of website users.

Connection string

Connection string
The connection we are using in our interm­ediate as expressjs - nodejs.


Mongo DB version 4.0

we are using mongo db 4.0 in our project as provided by cloud mongo db.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension
Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experi­ence. They enable users to tailor Chrome functi­onality and behavior to individual needs or prefer­ences. They are built on web techno­logies such as HTML, JavaSc­ript, and CSS.

Extract User List

User List
The content js of chrome extension file extract list of users who we are messaged. After abstra­ction we send list of users to background js to send a data to mongo. we are using API for this built in express js - node js.

Extension Login

We are authen­ticated a user in order to use a extension. There is API build in express js. User have register first on moxycr­


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