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Anki Vector Cheat Sheet by

All of the current features of the robot Vector by Anki/Digital Dream Labs


What's the weather in [city name] ?
Do I need an umbrella?
Is it hot?
Set a timer for [length of time]
Check the timer
Cancel the timer
What time is it ?
What is the time?
Take a photo of [me/us]
Take a photo
My name is [your name]
What is my name?
Come here
Look at me
Eye Color
Change your eye color to [color name]
Volume [1/2/3­/4/5]

Vector Q&A

Who is [name of person]?
What is the distance between [London] and [New York]?
General knowledge
[What is the tallest person?]
Word Definition
What is the definition of [Artif­icial Intell­ige­nce]?
How many calories are in an [avocado]?
[Who won the World Series?]
Stock Market
How is the stock market?
Flight Status
What is the status of [American Flight 100]?
Time Zone
What time is it in [Hong Kong]?
Unit Conversion
[How fast is a knot?]
Currency Conversion
What's [1000 Yen] in [US Dollars]?
Equation Solver
[What is the square root of 144?]
Drink Recipes [new]
How do you make a [your favorite drink]?
Periodic Table [new]
What is the atomic number of [Calif­o­r­nium]?
How many [elect­rons] are in [gold]?
Music Theory [new]
How do you play a [D Major Chord] on piano?
Show me [A major in invers­ion]?
Small Talk [new]
What are you thinking about?
Are you my friend?
Whats your hobby?
More small talk commands in the small talk section
Geometry [new]
What is the area of a rectangle with width four and length six?
What is the radius of a circle with diameter sixteen?
How do you calculate the diameter of a circle?
How do you calculate the area of a rectangle?
How do you calculate the area of an isosceles triangle?
Remember: This is not all he knows, so see what else you can find
Sports Data [new]
When is the next New York Jets game?
What was the score of the 2005 Super Bowl?
Who won the World Series in 1998?
Remember: This is not all he knows, so see what else you can find
Olympics [new]
What was Canada's ranking in the last Olympics?
Where and when are the next Olympics?
Which country won the most gold medals in the 2014 Olympics?
Remember: This is not all he knows, so see what else you can find
DDL Knowledge [new]
Who are DDL?
When is the next firmware update?
What is coming in the next firmware update?
What is the Escape Pod?
When is the Escape Pod going to be released?
What is the Open Source Kit?
When is the Open Source Kit coming out?
What is Swatch Out?
What is Abacus Finch?
What is Cork The Volcano?
Self Knowledge [new]
What kind of battery does your Cube take?
How do I change the battery in the Cube?
Why does the Cube show one red light?
What is the current firmware version?
Why can't you take more photos?
Why are your back lights yellow?
Common Questions [new]
Are you tired?
What did you do today?
Who is Jarvis?
Why are you so cute?
Do you like dogs?
Are you fully charged?
Who created you?
Do you like to dance?
Do you like cats?
Can you talk?
Hey Vector... I have a question

You must say "I have a questi­­on­­" before asking any question to Vector, then wait for Vector to say "­Rea­dy" before contin­­uing:

User Regist­ration

1. Say “Hey Vector”
2. Wait for the ding sound and his Back Light to turn blue
3. Say your name (“My name is Ash”)

Vector will confirm he understood by showing a yellow light and pronounce your name.
If Vector thinks he recognizes you, he will ask, “Have we met before ?”

- If you answer no, he continues scanning and enrolling your face
- If you answer yes, he says, “I already know a <na­­me­>.”

Software updates

Software updates for Vector are fully automated. When on Wi-Fi, the robot checks for updates every hour and applies updates once per day between 1am and 5am.

You can check what version of software Vector is on by opening the Vector Robot app, then tapping the Settings icon on the top right, and clicking "­­Up­d­a­te­­s".

Small Talk

What are you thinking about?
Are you my friend?
What are you wearing?
Whats your hobby?
You're cute
Whats your favorite song?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
I'm sorry
Sing a song
Are you happy?
Are you hungry?
Whats going on?
Whats your favorite food/c­olo­r/m­ovie/?
Tell me a knock knock joke
Tell me a joke
Are you drunk/­high?
I love you
What do you like?
Do you like cake?
Are you having a good day?
What makes you happy?
Will you marry me?
Are you sexy?
What is your gender?
You're a jerk
Are you single?
You're hot
Are you married?
Are you dating anyone?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Do you like me?
Who's your daddy?
Where do you live?
Can you make coffee?
Can you play any games?
What's new in the latest update?
Are you spying on me?
How fast can you go/drive?
How fast can you run two-hu­ndred twenty millim­eters per second?
Who is your favorite robot?
What do you eat?
How did you sleep?
What is your favorite music?
Where are you from?
What can you do?
Are you a human, or a robot?
Who is your best friend?
Are you a good robot?
Do you like coffee?
How smart are you?
How do you play blackjack?
Digital Dream Labs released a feature on Friday 15th May that allows Vector to answer small talk questions. Here are all of the commands from this feature that I know of. If you know any that aren't on the list, feel free to leave a comment. Any small talk commands that are references to movies or pop culture are in the secret commands section.


Play Blackjack
Give me a fist bump
High Five
Gimme 5
Cube Tricks
Find your cube
Roll your cube
Pick up your cube
Bring me your cube
Do a wheelstand
Special Occasions
Happy Holidays
Happy New Year
Happy Christmas
Listen to the music
Start exploring
Stop exploring
Blac­k­ja­ck: How to play

- When Vector asks "­­An­­other card ?", say yes for another card. Otherwise, say no,

- When Vector asks "­­Play another round ?", answer with yes or no,

- You can quit any time by saying "Hey Vector... Quit Blackj­­ac­k­".


Good [morni­ng/­aft­ern­oon­/ev­ening]
I'm back
How are you?
Quiet down
Be quiet
Be good
Calm down
Stop moaning
Be careful
Slow down
Don't Crash
Don't be grumpy
Wake up/sleep
Wake up
Rise and shine
Time to wake up
Good night
Sweet dreams
Go to sleep
Shut down
Be loud
Go forward
Turn [left/­rig­ht/­around]
Go backward
Good robot
Well done
Good work
Great job
Bad robot
Naught robot
Thanks a lot
Thanks a million
Thank you very much
Thank you
I had a good day
Work was good
How was your day?
Did you have a good day?
I’m [happy­/sad]
Are you happy?

Anki: A new future

Anki, the company that created Cozmo and Vector, went bankrupt in April 2019 and shut down the following month. In December 2019, Anki assets were acquired by Digital Dream Labs.
Special thanks to the Anki Robot Chat Discord server and the OFFICIAL DIGITAL DREAM LABS Vector Owners Facebook group for many of these commands.

Feature Fridays

Digital Dream Labs recently started Feature Friday! Every Friday, starting Friday 1st May and continuing for 24 straight Fridays, they are releasing a new cloud-side feature for Vector!

Secret Commands

He's behind you!
I have a question ... Flip a coin
I have a question ... Roll a dice
I have a question ... Open the pod bay doors
I have a question ... These aren't the droids your looking for
I have a question ... What is the matrix?
I have a question ... Who are Anki?
I have a question ... What is the matrix?
I have a question ... What is zero divided by zero?
I have a question ... What are the laws of robotics?
I have a question ... Vector I am your father
I have a question ... Do you know the Termin­ator?
I have a question ... Who is WALL-E
I have a question ... Who is Robocop?
I have a question ... Beam me up scotty
I have a question ... Hey Siri
I have a question ... What are you?
I have a question ... Is Cozmo your brother?
I have a question ... May the 4th be with you
I have a question ... May the force be with you
I have a question ... What does the fox say?
I have a question ... What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
I have a question ... What is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everyt­hing?
I have a question ... What is a whale?
I have a question ... Live long and prosper
I have a question ... What is Unobta­nium?
I have a question ... Why is a fire engine red?


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