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OSINT Enumeration Tool theHarvester Usage and Options


theHar­vester Usage. [] Specifies Optional Switch.
[-h] -d DOMAIN [-l LIMIT] [-S START] [-g] [-p] [-s] [--scr­eenshot SCREEN SHOT] [-v] [-e DNS_SE­RVER] [-t DNS_TLD] [-r] [-n] [-c] [-f FILENAME] [-b SOURCE]


Show the Help Menu.
-h, --help
theHar­vester -h
Specify the Company Name or Domain Name to be Searched.
-d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN
theHar­vester -d micros­
Limit the Number of Search Results for the Domain. The default is 500.
-l LIMIT, --limit LIMIT
theHar­vester -l 200
Specify the Number to Start at for Results. Default is 0.
-S START, --start START
theHar­vester --start 5
Specify the Use of Google Dorks if Using Google Search.
-g, --goog­le-dork
theHar­vester -g
Specify the Use of Proxies for the Requests. Enter these in the proxie­s.yaml File.
-p, --proxies
theHar­vester --proxies
Specify the Use of Shodan to Query Hosts that are Discov­ered.
-s, --shodan
theHar­vester -s
Capture Screen­shots of Resolved Domains, and Send to Output Directory.
--scre­enshot OUTPUT­_DI­RECTORY
theHar­vester --scre­enshot DOMAINS
Verify host name using DNS Resolu­tion, and search for Virtual Hosts.
-v, --virt­ual­-host
theHar­vester -v
Specify DNS Server to Use for Lookup.
-e DNS_SE­RVER, --dns-­server DNS_SERVER
theHar­vester -e
Perform a DNS TLD expansion Discovery. Default Value is False.
-t DNS_TLD, --dns-tld DNS_TLD
theHar­vester -t .org
Check for Takeovers.
-r, --take­-over
theHar­vester --take­-over
Enable DNS Server Lookup. Default Value is False.
-n, --dns-­lookup
theHar­vester -n
Perform a DNS Brute Force on the Domain.
-c, --dns-­brute
theHar­vester -c
Specify a File to Save Results.
-f FILENAME, --filename FILENAME
theHar­vester -f Result­s.html
Specify Data Source for Search. API Key May be Required.
-b SOURCE, --source SOURCE
theHar­vester -b bing

Possible Data Sources

anubis, baidu, bing, binary­edge, bingapi, buffer­overun, censys, certsp­otter, crtsh, dnsdum­pster, duckdu­ckgo, fullhunt, github­-code, google, hacker­target, hunter, intelx, linkedin, linked­in_­links, n45ht, omnisint, otx, pentes­ttools, projec­tdi­sco­very, qwant, rapiddns, rocket­reach, securi­tyT­rails, spyse, sublist3r, threat­crowd, threat­miner, trello, twitter, urlscan, virust­otal, yahoo, zoomeye


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